Hot Item of the Week- Northern Spices

Today we are launching a new feature at WoWenomics, the Hot Item of the Week. This will be a weekly short post highlighting a particularly profitable thing to sell in the World of Warcraft.

We launch our new column by pointing out the potential profits to be made from Northern Spices. These spices are required by in-game chefs to produce the higher level cooked items from Northrend. They are not a particularly high cost item, ranging 3-5G each on most servers. But the profit lies not in value of the item so much as the low cost of acquiring the spices themselves. Northern spices can only be acquired one of three ways: Purchased in a stack of 10 from a vendor for 1 Dalaran Cooking Award, as part of the quest reward from the Kirin Tor daily cooking quest (2-5 are awarded per quest turn-in), or from another player via trade or AH. In short, if you’re doing your daily cooking quests you are acquiring these spices and all they cost you is time. Provided you never actually buy them from another player and put them right up in the auction house every single silver you make is profit. A nice side perk of doing a daily quest most cooks do regularly anyway.



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