Hot Item of the Week- Heavy Netherweave Bandage

This week we are highlighting one of the oldest tricks in the WoW gold making book by reminding everyone to craft and sell Heavy Netherweave Bandages whenever the base materials cost is right.

Each Heavy Netherweave Bandage requires 325 skill level in First Aid and two Netherweave Cloth to craft. The way to make money from these items is to sell them to vendors. A stack of 20 Heavy Netherweave Bandages sells to vendors for 6 gold. Thus, find any stacks of Netherweave Cloth in the AH priced less than 3 gold and purchase them to turn into bandages. Since it takes 40 cloth to craft 20 bandages any cloth priced under 3 gold will yield some amount of profit. Typically, I only buy the stacks of cloth I find priced under 2.5 gold because that yields at least 1 gold profit per stack of bandages. Less profit than that and I don’t really waste my time. The best way to continually make from this trick is to scan for the cloth every time you use the AH and purchase or bid as appropriate, then just craft them up from your mailbox and sell to any vendor the next time you’re standing around waiting for a group to form up or similarly wasting time.

It’s not a new trick but it still works and it’s one way to make a little bit of gold every day. It’s also not necessarily a way to make big money but it is certainly easy money and you’d be remiss to overlook it.


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2 responses to “Hot Item of the Week- Heavy Netherweave Bandage

  1. Seleynna

    Wow so I am going to try all of this because my way of making gold is not working. Some great things here. Will tell you how it goes..I am so excited I need some gold!

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