Parking for Profit- Big Fish

Where is your toon parked? Dalaran? Another capital city? An inn somewhere? If you’re max level you can use where you park for the night to your strategic and profitable advantage. Parking for Profit is a new column highlighting strategic places to leave your toon when you log off for the night that will allow you to potentially benefit from your location when you log back in. As there is no single best place to park, we’ll feature a new location with profit potential and explain why in each column.

Parking spot coordinates: approximately 73, 83 in Howling Fjord
Target item: Moonglow Cuttlefish and Deap Sea Monsterbelly

Our featured parking spot this time is just South West off the coast of Howling Fjord. There you will find a patch of The Frozen Sea, a type of water that surrounds parts of Northrend. Within The Frozen Sea are two types of fish pools: Moonglow Cuttlefish and Deapsea Monsterbelly. Both of these types of fish are used by higher level cooks and can sell quite nicely in the auction house since they are a more rare find then other Northrend fish (mostly due to their remote fishing location). There are actually two Northrend locations where you can find these fish pools and for more information on location you can visit El’s, the gold standard for WoW fishing information. I personally prefer the Howling Fjord location, however, because it is much less likely to be camped and there are two pools right next to each other. Casting in these waters requires a minimum fishing skill level of 480 and 575 to avoid bad casts so also remember to bring your good fishing pole and lures. You will also need the ability to fly to reach the small iceberg platforms from which to fish although you can use Elixir of Water Walking to great effect here if you wish to stand and fish wherever you want. Parking your toon when you log off on one of the icebergs next the pools can be very helpful. Simply fish both pools in the area once before you log out and again when you log back in. This allows you to benefit from fishing these rare pools without having to waste time standing around waiting for them to respawn. Repeat this process for 4-5 days and you’ll have a full stack of each type of high level fish for minimal effort.


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  1. Tuska

    Just discovered your blog and i am totally into it! keep up the great writing, your tips are Gold!.

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