Honorable Business

Chances are that if you are serious about making gold in World of Warcraft you have an alt that acts as your auction house seller and possibly banker. It is quite common for serious traders to have an AH alt that simply runs between the auction house and the mailbox for quick, concise and centralized transactions. This isn’t so much a factor when you’re selling a few items or less a day but it is an important consideration when managing multiple auctions and scanning for low priced items regularly. Using a single alt for all transactions allows for a much more organized management system whereby one can more easily track profits and investments (those items on which you have low bids). Sometimes, savvy players will also use this alt as a reagent vendor, centralized mailbox and an all around gofer for their main. Why spend time getting your main to one of the auction houses when you can leave your main parked strategically and just mail the needed items. There’s lots of utility in keeping an AH alt but there is also an important, and frequently overlooked, consideration when using an alt in this fashion and that is reputation. Many people don’t realize it but prices decrease with vendors based upon the level of reputation. Having an honorable reputation with a faction will decrease prices from that faction’s vendors by 10% and, most importantly, this also applies to AH fees. There are other reasons why you should consider raising your AH alt’s reputation but none more so then the 10% discount. Saving money is making money. It simply doesn’t make financial sense to send items to an alt for sale if you’re losing 10% in addition to any mail fees. So go out and get yourself some rep in your main AH town and make a little more gold in the long run. It won’t take very long to get to honored and, if you’re really raking in the dough, why not just buy your way to honored with Runecloth turn-ins. Either way, go forth and do your business honorably and make even more gold.



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3 responses to “Honorable Business

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  2. I did not know rep reductions applied to the AH. I cringe to think how much gold I’ve wasted in fees. Thanks for the tip.

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