Hot Item of the Week- Seasonal Items

Just in time for the Love is in the Air event, this week we highlight the value of seasonal items. Prior to the implementation of the achievement system it would be unheard of for someone to try to charge for seasonal items but now that so many players are trying to attain their Violet Proto-Drake it is a completely different story. Seasonal items can be acquired by simply progressing through the various tasks and accomplishments for the event. You can make gold by selling the items to other players instead of turning them in yourself or you can always still complete the tasks yourself and sell your extras. Profit from these items can be significant because the cost of acquisition is often minimal. One thing to keep in mind with the Love is in the Air event is that, similar to other seasonal event items, you can’t exactly post the items in the AH or mail them. Most of the Love is in the Air event items require a face-to-face trade. In this sense it is more like you are asking to be paid for performing a service rather than straight up selling an item. Not a huge distinction but necessary to consider given that performing these services usually requires a (perhaps even minimal) time investment on the part of the seller. And if you run into any players complaining that your seasonal service prices are too high it might do good to remind them that all’s fair in love and war.

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