Hot Item of the Week- Thorium Ore

After a period of mudflation, an item will often regain its value and return to or even exceed its original price. Thorium Ore is an excellent example of this economic mechanic and is our highlighted Hot Item of the Week. On the three servers we checked stacks of Thorium Ore were consistently selling for over 90 gold. This makes it a fairly profitable item considering that on each of the same sample servers the ‘newer’ ore such as Saronite Ore was selling for about 25% of the cost of Thorium in the auction houses. Thorium Ore can be found in zones level 55-60 but our best luck has been in the areas of the Eastern Plaguelands, Azshara, Silithus, and the Burning Steppes. Our testing of farming these zones for Thorium revealed the fastest farming rate (most amount of ore farmed in a two hour time frame) to be the Eastern Plaguelands and The Burning Steppes as Azshara’s landscape requires more finesse to navigate and the best locations for Thorium in Silithus are often within the subterranean caves filled with baddies.

Our theories on why this item has returned in value mostly revolve around the supply and demand phenomenon. In this case supply is tight because Thorium Ore is no longer extensively farmed as the majority of the player base is approximately 20 levels above the zones in which it spawns. And demand is greater, perhaps even more so then similar level 60ish crafting items, because common skills chosen by newly rolled Death Knights are often blacksmithing or Jewelcrafting, both of which make use of Thorium Ore while leveling. If you are a miner and you’ve already met your daily Titansteel quota, you might want to consider going old school for a little while and farming up some Thorium for sale in the auction house. You’ll make a nice profit and, heck, maybe you will even find the time to say hello to some old friends along the way.


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5 responses to “Hot Item of the Week- Thorium Ore

  1. Forrestrai

    In your testing, how much Thorium Ore can you farm in 2 hours?

  2. Noak

    Winterspring is where I farm Thorium ore, and in my experience it has given a much greater amount of ore then any other zone. The reason for this is that in Winterspring, you don’t wander aimlessly around the map trying to find ores but instead go to specific places in the zone in which the ore spawns- another plus is that all of these places are either in the middle or south in the map, so there isn’t much traveling either.
    Check out Marcko’s post on it for where the farming areas are.

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  4. Wiggin

    My server (Frostwolf) recently was flooded with thorium ore, so much so in fact, I was buying up stacks from 15 to 17g, and walked away with 30-40 stacks. Ore is of course, more valuable in the long run than the bars, because they can be made into bars, or prospected for gems, or sold to be smelted for leveling mining as well. Ore simply gives you options.

    I am not sure why my server’s prices dropped so suddenly, but I know this has been a consistent market for a long time, so I didn’t hesitate to jump into the market. I will be holding my supply until prices return to the 40+g a stack price it was a few weeks ago.

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