Three Quick Ways to Generate Gold Regularly

Here are three great tips for making gold by manipulating the auction house. We have selected each of these tips based on the criteria that they are both quick (fast turnaround time) and consistent (almost always works to generate profit) thereby giving you a way to make some gold regularly with a minimal time investment.

1. Rhino Meat Markup- Katherine Lee, presumably a distant Azerothian cousin of Sara Lee, issues daily cooking quests to the high level chefs of Northrend. One of these is the Mustard Dogs! quest, which is notable because it is the only daily quest that requires a type of meat besides Chilled Meat. The quest requires the player to use four Rhino Meat to cook up four Rhino Dogs that they mix with another component for turn-in. It is a popular quest because it is currently the only one that rewards two Dalaran Cooking Awards as opposed to the standard one cooking award. To profit from the cooks in need of Rhino Meet for this quest as well as other cooking purposes you could always farm up some Rhino Meat and sell it. However, that takes too long and, as a quick search of the auction house reveals, someone else has likely beat you to it. No, the way to make money here is to buy the stacks of Rhino Meat and break them into stacks of 4, priced at approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of the going rate that you paid for the full stacks. Thus, if the stacks of 20 Rhino Meat are selling for about 25 G buy a few and break down into stacks of 4, priced at around 8-10 G. Now, we know that the smart move here if you are in need of Rhino Meat would be to purchase the full stack for 25 G and ignore our overpriced goods but many players just don’t do it the smart way. Try it out and see for yourself and laugh all the way to the bank.

Three bonus ways to take it to the next level:
A) Constantly scan the auction house for great deals on Rhino Meat, buy them at their very cheapest, not just when you want to re-price.
B) Stand next to the quest giver in Dalaran on days you know this is the daily and advertise stacks of 4 Rhino Meat in /trade and by /say’ing or /yell’ing. Sell for prices much higher than you would in the AH as you’re saving the customer the effort of visiting one themselves.
C) Also sell single Rhino Meats in the AH. Many players just need one or two to complete their quest. Don’t let these potential customers get away!

2. Cosmic Essence Correction- It takes 3 Lesser Cosmic Essence to create 1 Greater Cosmic Essence and vice versa. So, Lesser Cosmic Essence cost 1/3 the price of the Greater Essence Right? Nope. Not at all. Quite often the lesser versions sell at a price higher than the going rate of the greater ones. Whenever this happens simply buy a few of the cheapest Greater Cosmic Essence and break them into three of the lesser kind. Now sell these Lesser Cosmic Essence for slightly higher than the going rate in the AH. And note here that I said slightly higher than the going rate. That’s because Greater and Lesser Cosmic Essences are enchanting type materials and therefore free from AH deposit fees. So go ahead and price them for a bit more then you might normally. If they don’t sell then it costs you nothing and if they do it’s a few extra G in your bank Also remember that you can make money from this trick regardless of whether the lesser or greater essences are overpriced at the time by simply adapting your buying and selling so that you always keep the price of lesser eternals very close to 1/3 of their greater versions.

3. Chilled Meat Market Maker- It is quite common in the AH that you can purchase stacks of items and break them into singles to make a little profit. With Chilled Meat however, the profit potential is much greater because it is both a relatively low cost item and is also very well supplied. If you regularly scan the auction house you can find Chilled Meat stacks for as little as 3 or 4 gold with an average cost easily below 10 gold. Similar to our Rhino Meat trick above it is quite easy to break these stacks into more overpriced singles that will sell even while there are full stacks available at much better prices because people will just buy one or two when they need them. As stated, it is common for this singles to stacks disparity to occur in the WoW auction houses but with the unique market for Chilled Meat the profit margin can be much higher. Whereas you might re-price ore or herbs for 10-25% profit, it is easy to re-price and sell Chilled Meat for 100% or more profit. For example, I set my buy price on Chilled Meat Stacks at 7 gold or less and then sell single Chilled Meat for about 69 silver. They almost always sell and the entire operation takes less than 10 minutes.

Completing all three of the above tricks takes less than thirty minutes. Doing so several times a week is just one of many ways to build yourself a steady income in World of Warcraft.


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4 responses to “Three Quick Ways to Generate Gold Regularly

  1. Mike

    First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

    You Must Learn To Break The Fear Of Having Another Panic Attack Or You Will Never Experience Complete Freedom From Anxiety

  2. I am not sure I am a big fan of B) on the Rhino Meat. but I do like the AH suggestion.


  3. I always love visiting animally places and grinding away. There, I can listen to a good audio program or music, practice different strategies or try various combat methods, acquire gray stuff to sell(goes for a lot actually), green items to disenchant for guild mats, and acquire leather and arctic furs, which are useful as well as sell for a lot if I was to sell them.

    The same can be done in humanoid encampments, which allows for more intense combat as there is no waiting as I skin, and allows for cloth collection, also useful to the guild.

    Daily quests are fun too, and there are quite a few of them I believe, if you look them up. I have nothing against AH, but there’s only so much gold in the WoW economy in one realm at one time. If someone buys from you, they had to get the money from somewhere else, such as AH, and so on. Therefore, I enjoy methods which don’t drain other people of their money or make the guild rely on outside help, such as vendor-ing and quests. With all of our professions, hopefully we can farm and make most anything we’d need, including money.

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