Why We Love Fridays

T.G.I.F! Friday is a fantastic day to be a WoW player. With the influx of people who can’t spend as much time playing on weekdays, the start of many guilds’ raid schedules and the beginning of scheduled PVP weekends there are a lot of reasons to look forward to the weekend. Those players that enjoy the gold making meta-game particularly love Fridays because of the great profits to be made. By understanding your server’s population and popular activities it is easy to cash in on the rush to the weekend. Friday is a particularly good day to sell crafting materials, flasks and other consumables, buff food items and any other goods that will increase in demand with increased player activity. It should be mentioned that it is probably beneficial in most cases to list auction house sales posted on Fridays with a 24 hour listing rather than a 48 hour. This is because, again due to increased amount of players and activity, by Saturday afternoon you may find many of your unsold items undercut in price since more players around to buy also means more players around to sell.

Also bear in mind that if we love Fridays because it is an optimal time to sell than there must also be an optimal time during the week to buy. To really profit from a Friday you will need to keep your eye out for deals during the week on items that you can repost for profit on the weekends or spend some time farming to replenish your supplies. Our personal favorite days for deals are Mondays and Wednesdays. Mondays because that’s the time to bid but not buyout any cheap items in the auction house with the hope that the auction period will end during the Tuesday maintenance period. We also like Wednesday since the Tuesday maintenance period often allows prices of auction house goods to “reset” down to lower levels as overpriced auctions expire and new posts are made.

This Friday is particularly sweet here at WoWenomics because it concludes our two-week auction house testing period. Over the past couple of weeks we set out to monitor prices and measure auction house activity across three different server auction houses using a specific set of metrics and have garnered some interesting results. We’ll be crunching the data over the weekend and posting our findings here. Check back soon. In the mean time, have a profitable weekend!

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