Fire Seed Still Has Value

Here’s a quick one for quick profit. As of the latest patch, 3.08, alchemists no longer have a crafting use for Fire Seeds. These items were formerly used to craft alchemy items and could be found by an herbalist that looted Firethorn nodes. Firethorn nodes are exclusive to the Geyser Fields area of the Borean Tundra and formerly would yield either a Fire Seed or a Fire Leaf. Currently the nodes no longer hold Fire Seed and the item is obsolete to alchemists as it is not used to craft anything by them. This is not an unprecedented change as Blizzard has done this before with similar herbs. However, unlike the changes made to other herbs in the past, herbalists with a keen eye will notice that Fire Seeds have not become a gray item. In fact, Fire Seeds are still white insinuating that they still have value to some players. The players that can still use this item are scribes. Fire Seeds may now be useless to alchemists but- again unlike other herbs previously made obsolete- they can still be milled by scribes and made into pigments for their own crafting needs.

So there’s still some value to be found in Fire Seed and they should not be simply sold to a vendor or trashed. If you’re a scribe, start trying to purchase these items from herbalists that may still have a bunch in their bank. You might find some fantastic deals since the item is useless to alchemists and many players just assume it is worthless. If you’re an herbalist with some of these in the bank try listing them in the AH at a reasonable price or, to maximize profit, have a friendly scribe mill them for you and then sell the materials gained in the auction house for even more. If you’re simply an opportunist with neither of these skills, look for deals on Fire Seeds and resell or have them milled.

In related news, the herb that is now exclusively looted from Firethorn is Fire Leaf. Our testing has consistently shown that Fire Leaf is one of the most expensive herbs in the auction house. Stacks have been reported to sell for as high as 90 gold. If you are an herbalist you may wish to pay a visit to the Geyser Fields and pick up a few stacks for highly profitable resale.

Whatever you do, just don’t vendor those Fire Seeds!

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