Great Article on Disenchanting vs. Selling on WoW Insider Today

There is a very informative article on when to disenchant and when to sell an item on WoW Insider today written by Amanda Miller. The piece goes into the math behind the disenchanting skill and explains when it might be more profitable to disenchant as opposed to selling an item. It is fantastic information for any WoW trader and recommended reading for anyone who may have struggled with the disenchant vs. sell dilemma previously. If you see any other great finance articles out there in the WoW blog community feel free to mention them in the comments. They may be highlighted here in future posts and you’ll get credit for recommending it to us.

Edit: A few of our readers have e-mailed saying that they are unable to read the WoW Insider article as the site is blocked at their work place so I will summarize. If the item is level 73 or below sell it, if it is above level 73 disenchant it. The reason is that the cost/benefit relationship changes at level 73 or so meaning that you are more likely to get more and better enchanting materials with items that are > level 73 than you would with items below that threshold. Hope this helps… now get back to work!

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