Hot Item of the Week- Borean Man O’ War

In anticipation of part two of our Northrend economic assessment we present as our Hot Item this week the Borean Man O’ War. This may seem, at first glance, an odd item to highlight for our weekly Hot Item feature as this item is currently useless beyond using it as hunter pet food. However, it is precisely because the item currently has no crafting use that we recommend stocking up on these fish. According to El’s, with the implementation of patch 3.1 the fish will be the source material for a new cooking recipe. Black Jelly is coming to WoW and this will be the most powerful mana and health regeneration food in the game. While the new food will not boost any particular stats, it will have both an initial novelty value to players and a long term value to any players that insist on only carrying the best (or fastest) regen food available. In short, Black Jelly should sell very well the first week or two after the patch hits and will continue to hold value better than other regen food in the longer term.

Borean Man O’ War can be fished from several coastal locations around Northrend with pools being the best place to catch them. Luckily they are much easier to catch and deal with than their real life cousins.

That said, the real value here- and the reason we highlight this fish as our Hot Item of the Week- is because they have no current value and thus can be bought dirt-cheap from other players. On the three servers we tested we found Borean Man O’ War to have an average Going Rate of 12 silver per item with a Fair Price of only 7 silver. This means that the fact that the item is still currently useless makes it much more efficient to spend your gold (or silver as the case may be) buying them while spending your time doing more profitable things. We recommend you buy all the low priced Borean Man O’ War that you can find and hold onto it until the patch hits. As soon as it does, cook (or have a chef friend cook) as much Black Jelly as you can and sell it for huge profit.

This is called a Buy and Hold strategy- a concept that is sometimes difficult to understand. But bear with us and pick up as many of these fish as you (inexpensively) can and you’ll be reaping in the profit post patch 3.1 implementation. Sometimes we make gold not from selling the most expensive item but from purchasing the most inexpensive.


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