Hot Item of the Week- Guru’s Elixir

We just love this elixir. The benefit of taking it is nice (+20 to all stats for 1 hour) and it sells well but by far our favorite thing about Guru’s Elixir is just how cheap it is to make. It is one of those rare consumables that we recommend making even if you’re not (or not friends with) an elixir master. Yes, it’s that inexpensive… and here’s how you can make a couple of hundred gold a week with them yourself.

Cheap vials-
The trick to making gold with this particular elixir is effectively managing the cost of crafting the item. The base materials are 3 Pygmy Oils and 1 Imbued Vial. First off, be sure that the toon you have purchasing the Imbued Vials is exalted with the vendor that is selling them. This will drop the price of the vials (sold in stacks of 5) from 2 G to 1.6 G. It may not seem like much but again, the goal here is to make the elixir for as little as possible so dropping the cost for a stack of 20 vials from 8 gold to 6.4 gold will make a difference.

Cheap oil-
Pygmy Suckerfish are used to make Pygmy Oil. An alchemist can turn 1 fish into 1-2 oil. We tested with 1,000 suckerfish and produced very near 1,500 oil so the proc rate for the extra oil appears to be approximately 50%. If you have the fishing skill and use it regularly then in all likelihood you’ve probably got more of these than you know what to do with anyway. Otherwise buy them as inexpensively as possible from another player. Typically, both the fish and the oil are so plentiful that there is a deal on one or the other to be found if one looks hard enough. In our experience we’ve found the best value in the raw material-to-finished elixir chain to (usually) be in the form of the oils when purchasing from other players. The Pygmy Oil (in stacks of 20) has the bid value of 2.25 gold automatically filled in when placed for auction in the AH. Two or three times a week we find several stacks with this auto-bid amount filled in and we simply place a bid and wait for them to come to us.

Cheap elixirs-
Thus, assuming you pay 2.25 gold for each stack of oil and 1.6 gold for each stack of five vials your total investment cost to produce 20 Guru’s Elixir is 13.15 gold or, put another way, 6.75 gold (for oil) and 6.4 gold (for vials). Producing 20 elixirs that increase all stats by +20 for less than 15 gold is an excellent way to make money for anyone, even more so for an elixir master alchemist. We regularly sell the stacks of 20 Guru’s Elixir in the auction house for about 33 gold which, while not a huge amount of gold, is a significant return on our initial investment regardless of how we obtained the Pygmy Oil or fish.

Expensive auction-
The only real threat to profit is the fact that listing a stack of 20 Guru’s Elixir in the auction house requires a deposit 6 G so if a stack doesn’t sell it can seriously hurt your profits. That said, the opportunistic WoW trader will use that to their advantage and either sell the elixirs via /trade chat or use the high deposit rate to scare off competitors.

Play with it a bit yourself and see if you can’t become the guru of Guru’s Elixirs on your server.

Bonus: If you’ve got extra, try drinking 8-10 Pygmy Oil and go chase the white rabbit.



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7 responses to “Hot Item of the Week- Guru’s Elixir

  1. Thanks for the tip. I had noticed that these were very cheap to make. I think I will try it and see how well it works on my server.

    • jederus

      Thanks Amorob! We took a look over at your site and are always happy to learn about more people discussing WoW finance. Once you get a few more posts under your belt we’ll be happy to post a link to your site on our sidebar and resources section.

      To all you other WoW finance fanatics reading this, go give Amorob a looksee at

      Good luck on the new blog Amorob!

  2. Raaj

    Thanks for the tip! I have a lot of Pygmy Oil from fishing that I hadn’t bothered searching for a use for. This should help me not only use it all up, but also make a tidy profit from it.

  3. bbay

    Yeah thanks for telling the world… prices should drop a lot now!

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  6. celyddon

    my old server I did the Guru’s constantly. Selling for 7g for 5.
    My new server they sell in the auction house for less then the cost of the mats. Not quite sure what some people are thinking when they price things, but I only make some for myself while questing now.

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