3 Easy Ways to Complete the Cheese For Glowergold Daily Cooking Quest

Nothing like being an uber-geared master of WoW destruction and having to play bus boy eh? Since the release of WotLK we’ve heard so many complaints about this daily cooking quest. Countless times have we seen arguments develop over who owns the right to loot a specific glass of wine that escalates into players /slapping, /spitting and ultimately /ignoring one another. Well we’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be so hard. Here are our 3 favorite tips to completing this quest on EZ mode:

3. Near the quest giver-
Look in both the quest giver’s room and in the basement. 9 out of 10 times there are wine glasses right there next to her (or down the stairs in the same area) but many players just rush out looking for the glasses instead.

2. In the cheese shop-
Head over to the cheese shop where you would normally pick up the Limberger that is also required for completion. The reason is that many (perhaps even most) players only head to the cheese shop after they’ve found all the wine glasses. This means that the wine shop is more likely to have a few glasses lying about. We find at least one and usually two here every time we do this daily. The other big reason to head here early is that you have a chance of finding the cheese earlier than you normally would if you waited until after finding the wine glasses. This reduces the amount of time the quest takes to complete. Bonus tip: when looking for the cheese remember to look outside the shop. This simple spawn point seems to be frequently overlooked by many. At least glance over as you’re riding by heading to…

1. In the sewer-
The bar in the sewer, Cantrips and Crows, has several spawn points for the glasses and no one ever thinks to look here. If you want to get the glasses without a fight, simply head down there and pick them up. Of further benefit is that there is a bank, guild bank, and mailbox right there next to the bar so you can do some regular account maintenance while waiting for the glasses to respawn. And if you really want to make the most of your time be sure to use the cooking stove in the small room next to the bar to cook your quest item provided you already have the cheese.

Save an extra glass for yourself and tip one back to celebrate the end of your frustration with this quest.


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7 responses to “3 Easy Ways to Complete the Cheese For Glowergold Daily Cooking Quest

  1. Illianeth

    Also, there are 2 outside of violet hold, one on each of the little platforms down near the water. I grab those two on the way to the sewer

  2. Grorg

    I was under the impression that you did not even needed a cooking fire for this one… unless you are making fondue…

  3. Thanks for the tips. This is the most annoying daily cooking quest.

  4. Elbank

    Shhhh!! Darn it I used to be able to do this sooo quick 🙂

  5. mandm413

    The sewers is where I get most of my glasses including one in the room with the cook stove, this one is almost always there. Thanks for the tip about them being downstairs from the quest giver, I never thought of that.

  6. Brent Michael Krupp

    I think there’s actually 4 spawn points outside Violet Hold and I’ve seen one or two respawn before I finish grabbing them all. It’s very nice.

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