My First Gold- A Visit to Thunder Falls

My First Gold is a new regular column dedicated to helping players level 20 and lower to start building their WoWenomic empire. Following these tips should help new players (and alts) expand their WoW wallets to afford training, trade skills and have a few gold left in their pockets. Higher-level players may find benefit in these tips as well, but every tip herein is intended to be within the capabilities of a player below the 21st level.

If you can make it to Stormwind, and if you can kill a couple of unremarkable level 9 mobs, you already have the means to make a couple of extra gold a day. In Elwynn Forest, just outside of the front gates of the human capitol city, lies a largely undiscovered Defias camp called Thunder Falls. This small patch of land, just above Mirror Lake, has a few roaming mobs and, more importantly, a lootable treasure chest spawn point that is almost always available due to the fact that so few players have ever visited the location. An informal poll amongst friends and guildmates exposed not a single other player that has ever heard of, much less visited, Thunder Falls. We have found the area to be extremely beneficial to our newer Alliance characters as, due to both the close proximity to Stormwind and the camp’s vast unpopularity, we can loot the chest spawn point and get back to the city in under 10 minutes.

Getting there- To find the camp, stand just east of the stream that comes from the waterfall that ultimately becomes Mirror Lake and face Northwest (coordinates are 29, 60 on the Elwynn Forest map). Run up the small hill in front of you and you’ll come to the top of the aforementioned waterfall. Here you will find the hidden Defias camp called Thunder Falls. You’ll find the treasure chest on the dock just Northwest of the small hut near two level 9 mobs. Run in, kill two or three mobs to clear the area, loot the chest, run back to Stormwind, profit. Try using this trick as you log in and just before you log out and you’ll probably find the chest available both times.

World Explorers need not concern themselves with this area as it is not part of the Explore Elwynn Forest achievement, but it is kind of fun to have a maximum-level player see the “Discovered Thunder Falls” message pop up on their screen given that it is so close to the Stormwind City gates.

This tip is obviously more applicable to low-level Alliance players than their Horde counterparts. We’ve got a few similar ideas for newborn hordies that we’ll address in a future edition of this column.

2 PVP bonus tips:

1) Horde players on their way to raid Stormwind will find this to be an ideal (i.e. close but also well-hidden) area to gather and prepare for the raid. Discretely meeting here almost guarantees that the Alliance will be unprepared for your assault. Truly hardcore Horde players will quietly sneak up here with a Warlock and only a few others and summon the entire raid group in.

2) You didn’t hear it from us (we hear it may be considered a game exploit), but should you find yourself playing an Alliance character and defending the front gates of Stormwind from Horde assault, you might try standing at coordinates 35, 46 and strategically jumping your way to the top of the Stormwind gates. Up there, you are immune to melee attacks and virtually unnoticed by pretty much everyone else.



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3 responses to “My First Gold- A Visit to Thunder Falls

  1. Dora

    Love this post…worked exactly as described!

    (Tell me more, tell me more…)

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  3. I love Thunder Falls i just kill all the mobs and make it my place i climb the tree’s and jump off the water-falls.

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