Hot Item of the Week- Enchanting Vellums

We have come to love vellums and the profit they generate. Only a few of the people behind the WoWenomics project are actually enchanters themselves but now, with the introduction of weapon and armor vellums into the game, there is finally a way for the rest of us to make some gold off of the enchanting profession.

Vellums Explained-
A vellum is a type of scroll created by scribes that can be used by enchanters to make their various enchantments portable. Prior to the introduction of vellums to the game, enchanters had to sell their wares directly to potential customers who would first trade the enchantment materials to the enchanter, then place their target item in the ‘Will not be traded’ box of the trade screen where the enchanter would (hopefully) enchant the target item with the desired effect. The system worked but was flawed in several senses. First, it meant that, unlike other professions, Enchanters had to be logged in and present to sell their wares. Further, due to the nature of the transaction, it often meant that enchanters worked for tips. And, as anyone who has ever spent even a few days waiting tables in a restaurant will tell you, not all tips are created equal. What the vellum allows the WoW enchanter to do, in essence, is transfer one of their item enchantments to a BoE scroll (importantly, using their own materials) that can then be traded to another player. This is an important mechanic that completely transforms the enchanting profession and allows enchanters (and others) many profitable new ways to use their trade.

Vellums come in two types, those for armor enchantments and others for weapon enchantments. Each type comes in three different levels that allow for enchantments of various levels to be cast upon them. There’s plenty of information out there about which levels of vellums are made for which enchants but a summarized version is as follows:

Level I Vellums- Pre-Burning Crusade Enchantments
Level II Vellums- Burning Crusade Enchantments
Level III Vellums- Wrath of the Lich King (and all lower) Enchantments

Vellums of all levels are crafted from the items derived by scribes from milling herbs. This is a small historical inaccuracy on Blizzard’s part but we’ll overlook this oversight and assume that the developers were concerned with further offending D.E.H.T.A so the animals of WoW are still safe from scribes for now.

Tips for Making Money with Vellums-
Here are a few of the many ways we use vellums to our profitable advantage by carrying a few of each type of vellum around in our bags or stored in our bank:

Enchanters can save money by no longer wasting enchantment materials on enchanting their own gear for skill ups. They can make gold by simply selling the enchanted vellums outright either on the AH or directly to other players.

Enchanters can now enchant their own alt’s items by simply enchanting and subsequently mailing the appropriate vellum to the other toon. Every enchanter with an alt that has played the game for any amount of time knows the pain of having to pay another enchanter to take care of your alt. No more we say, no more!

When you predict that you may have a need for an enchantment on an item in the near future have a friendly (ideally guilded) enchanter place the target enchantment on a vellum. This way, the very second that sword you’ve been lusting after drops and you win the roll, you can enchant it right then and there. In fact, if you’re really obsessive about planning your gear and enchantments, why not craft one each of all the enchantments you plan on using in the near future whenever the materials are cheapest and permanently avoid the dilemma of trying to find an enchanter after you get the desired item? Of course, in these instances you will be supplying the enchantment materials.

Guild leaders can now ensure that enchanting materials in the guild bank are used for their intended purposes by more closely managing who gets what types of enchantments and when rather than simply giving away the guild’s enchanting materials. Not a huge issue for most guilds, but still a nice option.

There’s also a significant amount of money to be made by simply buying blank vellums cheaply or crafting them inexpensively and selling them in the auction house. The vellum market is still largely undiscovered in the general community so they still often sell for more than the cost of the materials. As long as this remains true, you can profit in this regard.

It’s worth noting that enchanted vellums are treated by the auction house as enchantment materials and thus not subject to auction house deposits. This means that there is a much lesser incentive to undercut the competition and very little reason to not put the auction out there for the full 48 hours.

-And finally, our personal favorite trick: You know those guys that advertise every now and then in /trade chat something like “Enchanting, with your mats… paying X amount of gold if I skill up.” We now love these Enchanters. With the vellums we have stored we purchase the materials (to be honest, some of us stockpiled cheap enchant materials simply for this purpose) and have the advertising Enchanter apply their skill to the Vellum. This allows us to A) profit when the enchantment is created- in essence the Enchanter is now tipping us and B) resell the now enchanted vellum at a time when we deem most profitable or keep to ourselves for later use. Either way, being paid simply for stocking vellums is a nice thing indeed. Even better, those uninformed enchanters that still advertise “Free enchantment X in front of the auction house… hurry only 10 left.” We’ll take all ten thank you very much (and then go post them in the auction house).

A Few Warnings on Vellums-

Do not, repeat DO NOT, try to enchant a vellum in the traditional enchanting sense with the blank vellum in the ‘Do not trade box’. You will lose your mats and the enchantment. You’ve been warned. We expect a fix from this from Blizzard at some point but there’s nothing in the patch notes at present.

Not all enchantments are created equal. Some are extremely profitable and others are not. Play with the market to feel out what sells best and requires the cheapest investment in materials. Don’t over-invest in an enchanted vellum that sells for less than the materials required to create it.

If an enchanter is creating vellums for you, even with your materials and vellums, it is still customary to tip. This is also true if you have a friendly scribe creating blank vellums for your future use or sale.

Now if only they’d come up with some sort of disenchanting vellum…


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14 responses to “Hot Item of the Week- Enchanting Vellums

  1. Vael

    To the best of my knowledge, Vellum III is only able to absorb enchants with an item level of 60 or [b] lower [/b]. I’m fairly confident that “Wrath of the Lich King” enchants, at least the extremely high-end ones, do not fall into this category. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  2. jederus

    Hi Vael,

    You are incorrect but understandably so. Unfortunately, the tool tips on both the vellum and the actual enchant are somewhat confusing. The highest level enchants in the game right now do work on level III vellums. The key to their working has to do with the ‘item level’ requirement that you mentioned. In short, the level III vellums require enchantments with a required item level of “60 or lower”. The enchantment itself (including the highest level enchants in the game at the moment) will only work on an item level “60 or higher”. The overlap here, being the level 60 requirement, is why you can put any level of enchantment on a level III vellum but you cannot use this now enchanted vellum on any item. The target item must meet the level requirements of the enchantment. My intention with the post above is to state that level III enchantments will work for ANY enchantments in the game currently and, while confusing, I hope this answer clears that up a bit.

    We tested this out prior to responding to your comment with our resident enchanting expert. Having the ability to perform all of current enchants available from WotLK, I had him enchant 3 level III vellums with 3 of the current best enchants in the game. For your reference these enchantments were: Enchant Chest- Powerful Stats, Enchant Weapon- Berserking, and Enchant Cloak- Wisdom. All three enchants worked as expected and transferred the enchantment to the correct level III type of vellum. This was, of course, a very expensive test but I have been curious to see how well these high-end enchantments will sell in the AH anyway.

    Thanks again for your question and for stopping by.

  3. Les

    @ Jederus

    Thank you for clarifying this. I was always under the same assumption Vael was. My enchanter is very happy about this revelation 🙂

  4. Vael


    Thanks for the clarification as well. Enchant on!

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