WoWenomics Debuts on WoWFix

Just a short announcement to let our readers know that WoWenomics is now a regular feature on the WoWFix site. If you’re not familiar with WoWFix, you really should be. It is a WoW news aggregate site, pulling together the most informative articles from a wide array of WoW news and information websites in a single, centralized, location.

A few of our favorite WoWFix features:

Movies galore-tons of WoW movies collected here for your review with daily updates.
The best of the forums– highlights and links to key posts on the official forums.
Original articles– they also post and list their own original content.
Finance news from WoWenomics.
WoW news from other sites including WoW Insider, World of Raids and MMO-Champion.

All this, and the content can be sorted based on your preferences or revisited through the searchable archive. You can even visit the original article as each source is listed and linked.

As always, you can find links to WoWfix and other World of Warcraft news sites and resources on our very own Resources page.

Bonus tip: We’ve had a few a few readers tell us that our site and sites like WoW Insider are blocked from their browsers at work. Since WoWFix is not as well known, you may find that you are able to get your daily fix of WoW information and news from them. (Now get back to work!)

Thanks again to the good people over at for including us.


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