Funny Money- 5 April 2009

Funny Money is a new weekly column published at the end of the week with the intent to have a little fun with the world of finance. Every weekend we’ll bring you a financial quote, a song relating to money, something interesting from the real world of business and a quick WoW gold making tip. Read on and have some fun…

Money Quote

Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.”
Woody Allen

The Sounds of Prosperity

Take the Money and Run
-Steve Miller Band

Funny Business

With this week’s real-world news item we highlight the importance of paying attention to detail and hiring reliable staff. Follow the link to see why you should at least have someone check things out before you invite the press.

Weekend Gold Tip

Don’t forget to clean up after your groups. You’d be surprised how many PUGs and even guild runs overlook looting gathering nodes while running through an instance. We advise, if you’re a miner or an herbalist (and, on occasion, a skinner) and no one else lays claim to these items, simply run back through the instance and clean up any nodes left behind by the group.


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3 responses to “Funny Money- 5 April 2009

  1. Dora

    Thanks for the weekend laugh. Nice addition to your service.

  2. Jugi

    Liking the site Jed, I’ll be sure to make this place a regular stop!

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