Hot Item of the Week- Abyss Crystal

This week’s feature is an item we’ve been playing in the market for the past few weeks, the Abyss Crystal. Created by disenchanting WotLK epic items, Abyss Crystals are used as essential components in premium, high-end end-game enchantments. On our three test servers we found this enchantment material ranging in price from as low as 75 gold to as high as 140G per item. As mentioned, we’ve been playing around with the market for these items for a few weeks but only recently, however, have we seen reason to share this tip with our readers. The reason we mention it now is that we’ve observed an average 15% increase in the prices of WotLK enchantment materials on all three test servers. Each of our test servers, on both the horde and alliance sides, seems to be showing an increased demand for end-game enchantment materials.

The observed 15% increase in enchantment material prices seems to exclude Infinite Dust, which remains stable with a maximum 7% variance in going rate (meaning that the price varies up and down by 7% on any given day) on all three servers. The other three enchantment materials, Cosmic Essence, Dream Shards and Abyss Crystals, have all shown a steady increase of an average 15%. Now it is difficult to say definitively that it is time to sell these items if you’ve been hoarding them in your banks because we cannot say with confidence that we are at the peak of the price increase. What we can advise you to do, however, is to check for deals and repost them at a higher price when possible. Since all of these enchantment materials have a required deposit of 0 gold, it is best to post these items as high as you think you can sell them for as opposed to undercutting and redefining the market. If they don’t sell, just repost them again at no loss to you.

Abyss Crystals are particularly attractive to us since the price per item is pretty high. Our three test servers showed an average going rate of 113.73 gold in the past three days. Last week this same three-server, both-side, average was 106.14 gold. The week prior to that the average was in the high 90s. Given that all three servers are showing this increase occurring on both sides, this tells us is that the price is on a steady incline, not just typical fluctuation. Again, we don’t know if the price has peaked yet but we are currently making a killing from people still selling these items at the several week old prices and reposting to the current price.

We’re not in the business of speculation so we won’t give you an in-depth theory as to why these prices are increasing but our basic theory is that more players are running through the end-game content while other players are preparing for the new raid instance, Ulduar. Both of these players are thus demanding the best available enchants which subsequently require Abyss Crystals. Regardless, with an average 15 gold profit per item re-pricing opportunity, it is easy to why Abyss Crystals are our current Hot Item of the Week.


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