The Darkmoon Faire Effect

Our resident Inscription expert recently made us aware of an interesting correlation between the Darkmoon Faire’s arrival in town and the prices of the various Darkmoon cards and materials required to make them. It would seem that the prices of Northrend herbs and Snowfall Ink all rise slightly when the faire is in available in town. Our scribe reasons that this is due to the increase in players trying to complete their decks for turn-in while the faire is passing through rather than waiting another month for the Darkmoon boys to come around again. We decided to test this theory and, sure enough, all three test servers showed an increase in herb and ink prices. The increase was modest but consistent (and frankly, as dedicated finance wonks, we’ll take reliable profit over huge profit any day).

So, not an area for huge profit (unless, of course, you’re selling in volume and intend to dominate the market on your server) but certainly something to consider if you are in the herb, ink or card market. If you’re buying any of these items you may find it beneficial to do so before or after the faire event is underway. If you’re selling, you will probably make the most profit by doing so in the days leading up to and during the event.

Blizzard lists the dates of the Darkmoon Faire on both their in-game calendar and the events page so it is quite easy for the astute player to ascertain when to buy/sell their items. On a related note, we advise that if you are in the market to purchase cards to complete your own decks you do so at mid-way points between the Darkmoon event (usually the middle of the calendar month) when the materials and cards should be at their lowest levels of demand and, theoretically, price.



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3 responses to “The Darkmoon Faire Effect

  1. Jugi

    Interestingly enough, the new northrend decks do not require you to actually visit the Faire. You just use the item and a representative just appears and you can turn in the deck there and then, regardless if the Faire is in town or not.

    I’d imagine, the costs would be increasing at this time because people are out noticing that the Faire is in town and think about it more cuz it’s out there.

    But I agree with the purchasing at in-between periods, they costs do seems to drop dramatically at these times.

  2. Cipri

    Jugi, that may be true for most of the low level decks, the new lvl 20/30/40 ones that were added recently in WotLK, but the lvl 60, 70, and the new lvl 80 ones still require one to visit the Faire.

    Since the Nobles Deck/DarkmoonCard:Greatness trinket is one of the best trinkets out there for most classes, people now scramble to get theirs before the faire packs up again.

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