Patch 3.1 Release Date Speculation

For the record, we believe that Blizzard has at least one more week to implement the 3.1 content patch due to the recent rescheduling of the Noblegarden event on the PTR. With a long-standing history of releasing content “when it’s done”, and the allowance of an extra week to meet the Noblegarden deadline, we speculate that patch 3.1 is more likely to be released during the maintenance period on Tuesday, April 21st than it is likely to be released tomorrow, April 14th.

Due to widespread speculation within the WoW community that the patch will be released tomorrow, you may wish to familiarize yourself with the changes to crafting material requirements as pertains to you. Yesterday we posted a fantastic list from WoR that gave details as to the status of crafted items on the PTR. Further, to this end, we will be posting a link to a comprehensive guide to reagent changes for crafters expected in Patch 3.1 later today. Look for this resource, as well as our analysis, within the next few hours.

Again, this is merely our own speculation based on the information available. There is no need to tell us whether or not we were correct in our estimates after the patch has been released. Instead, we encourage you to provide your own theories and opinions as to the 3.1 release date in our comments section.

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