All About Patch 3.1- Fact vs. Speculation

So the big day is finally upon us. As we’ve mentioned many times here at WoWenomics, the most vital tool for successful investing is reliable information. To this end, we’d like to start off by pointing out patch 3.1 details that have recently been confirmed vs. what is still speculation or otherwise unclear. Immediately following this post, we will put up a comprehensive guide to profiting from the new content so be sure to check back in a few hours.

Facts (confirmed information):

Patch 3.1 is being released today.
Dual specs have been introduced to the game. The cost for training is 1,000 gold and minimum level to train is 40.
Ulduar, the new raid instance, has been released onto the live servers.
-Riding mounts can now ‘swim’ in water; Flying mounts cannot.
Reagent requirements were changed for many craftable items.
New crafting items were introduced for several professions.
-Noblegarden is the new holiday event and completion of the related achievement will count towards the holiday meta-achievement.
-Arena Season 5 is officially over with the release of today’s patch. Arena Points are not yet reset but will be at the start of Season 6.
-Armor penetration rating buffs and items have been enhanced with a 25% buff.
New dungeon maps were added to all WotLK dungeons.
-Options to enhance gameplay for color-blind players were introduced.
-Many classes and builds have had significant changes.
-Badges dropped from bosses and looted by one party member will now be given to all party members at the same time.
-The Argent Tournament world event has been introduced to the game.

Rumors (assumptions, theories and supposition):

-Confirmation boxes have been added to purchases over 150 gold. We’re not sure how this is going to be implemented but it is in the released patch notes. Does this include trades? Vendor items? Bids? We’ll have to see how this one plays out in the live game.
-The equipment manager tool is part of the new patch. It is listed in the patch notes so some players believe that it is included in today’s patch. We assume it is not included due to the recently added blue note on the WoW Under Development page.
-The Nobelgarden holiday event will start on April 26th. Highly likely.
-Lake Wintergrasp PVP event has had lag issues fixed. Doubtful.
-WoW chefs will have to complete the quest to train the new cooking recipe. It is unknown if high-level chefs will be able to simply train it from a cooking trainer or if they will have to re-complete a turn-in quest to attain it.
-The profession recipes that drop from Ulduar will be bind on equip. We highly doubt it but it is, of course, possible.
-The popular add-on, Quest Helper, and similar add-ons are now obsolete with the implementation of the WoW Quest Tracker tool. It is likely that the Blizzard tool, similar to the voice chat and in-game calendar features, will leave much to be desired and many players will still use their favorite add-ons once they’ve been updated.
-The Auctioneer add-on will be non-functional after the patch. Not confirmed but probably a solid assumption.
-Darkmoon Card: Death has received a buff to damage. This change is not mentioned in the patch notes but is noticeable when comparing the pre-3.1 live version of the card with the post-3.1 PTR version of the card. We thus assume that the change is likely.
-Arena Season 6, and point resets, should commence next Tuesday, April 21st.
-Several readers informed us that they have had trouble accessing some of the popular WoW related websites today. These include WoR and the Blizzard official WoW site. Our tests show similar outages and these are, perhaps, to be expected given the traffic increase with the increased interest in patch 3.1 release details. Edit: Both sites mentioned are working again at the time of this posting!
-The shock of 3.1 finally being released was just too much for one fan.

Note: we consider an item ‘confirmed’ and no longer a rumor or assumption when we see it in-game, see it in the game download file ourselves, or can provide a link to confirmation by a blue (Blizzard employee) post. All other information, regardless of source or volume at which it’s shouted, is otherwise considered speculation. To put it in terms familiar to most WoW players, “Pics or it didn’t happen.


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