All About Patch 3.1- Profit and Profiteering

Well patch 3.1 is here and despite ongoing server issues and some miscommunication, we assume that the servers will be up and running and we’ll be playing the game we all love again some time within the next few hours relatively soon.

As such, the following is a summary of some of financial guidance available concerning profit and the new patch:

Our own initial predictions were documented in the second part of our Northrend Economic Assessment.

This guidance was amended slightly as the patch (and patch notes) matured as we learned more about the amended profession and crafting changes. In the same column you can find information and analysis (was well as some incredibly useful links) regarding incoming changes to WoW professions.

-We shared some of the most informative posts from the WoW finance community on their various 3.1 predictions and financial guidance in the inaugural column of our regular Loot Council feature.

-We produced a piece on analysis and speculation regarding the impending changes to reagent requirements for crafted items.

-While not 3.1 specific, our recent conversation with Tobold mentions the phenomenon of MUDflation and our take on WoW deflation which we feel will be very relevant post-3.1. You may want to take a look now and refresh yourself with these concepts.

-And finally, we gave you our last minute assessment of the available information on 3.1 around the net with the intent of separating fact from fiction. We’ll revisit a few of the issues mentioned in that post as the patch matures on the live servers.

In the coming weeks we will be posting the results of our predictions backed by statistical evidence. One of the things we pride ourselves on, in both WoW and real world finance, is offering complete transparency. We’re certainly not afraid to mention when we get things wrong explain our thinking when questioned. Any financial analyst (again, WoW or otherwise) that says they don’t make mistakes is either not really giving specific investment advice or otherwise pulling the wool over your eyes. We will post three results posts, at different intervals to show exactly how things have changed. Until then, thanks for checking in and, as always, we welcome your suggestions, feedback and questions in the mean time.

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