Casinos Outlawed Again- Well, kinda…

From the “Thank the Heavens” department we have an interesting news item from the official WoW forums that almost slipped under the radar with all the 3.1 hoopla:

In a carefully worded post from Blizzard poster Malkorix, it was announced late yesterday that in-game casino advertisements are “…not welcome at all…” both in-game and on the official forums. This policy takes effect April 20th to allow ample time for casino advertisers to amend their practices and get in-line with Blizzard’s new policy.

This policy change from Blizzard, as it is currently worded, does not strictly outlaw the operation of a casino but does restrict their advertising, which should have a significant impact on successfully running such games. Notably absent from the post, however, are details informing as to what the punishment will be for those that violate the new policy. Our assumption is that it will be a
warning –>
more threatening warning/temp ban –>
and ultimately perma-ban approach by the GMs.
If pressed, we expect that Blizzard would say that they are going to deal with each offender on a ‘case by case’ basis.

Good riddance we say. Let’s get back to making gold the old fashioned way, with hard work and attention to detail.


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2 responses to “Casinos Outlawed Again- Well, kinda…

  1. Jugi

    Good ridence indeed, was wondering if there was gonna be a mention about these here. Seems like a decent way to make money however shady it may be. I could never bring myself down to that level of ripping people off however.

    The risk of getting a ban really not worth it in my opinion.

  2. Plastic Rat

    Based on Blizzard’s limp-wristed stance on any sort of disciplinary action against players, here are my predictions of what they’ll do if you break the casino rules. Each number represents an additional infraction:

    1) Ignore you.
    2) Consider writing you a polite letter.
    3) SERIOUSLY consider writing you a polite letter.
    4) Start writing you a polite letter not to do it again, but hold off on sending it.
    5) Re-write the letter more politely and actually send it this time. With apologies.
    6) Send a less polite letter.
    7) Have an actual strongly worded, yet polite conversation with you.
    8) Threaten to disconnect you from the game.
    9) REALLY threaten to disconnect you from the game.
    10) Disconnect you with a warning that next time you will be disconnected for a whole 30 minutes.
    11) Hope you get bored and stop doing it.
    12) Suspend you from the game for 10 whole minutes, but feel bad and let you back in after 2.
    13-345q834727593027840) Find loopholes in the policy so that they don’t have to ban you.
    345q834727593027841) Change the policy to allow it.

    (Not that I support Casinos, I just think Blizzard GMs have the authority of a wet rag.)

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