Five Tips for Protecting Your WoW Business From 3.1 Bugs

We are receiving widespread tips from concerned readers informing of us of rampant bugs in the game after the patch roll out. Complaints range from the expected (Realm and zone crashes, instability and add-ons not working as expected) to the not so easily foreseen (missing mail, auction house crashes and quest/quest item peculiarity). We’ve spent a little time on various servers now and can confirm some, if not most, of the issues that were brought to our attention.

It is the unexpected issues that concern us most as fiscally responsible traders. Specifically, issues with the in-game mail system and the auction house makes us nervous about losing items or, perhaps even worse, gold. /gasp!

Five pieces of advice to protect your business:

1) We can’t bring ourselves to suggest to NOT trade. We’re trying to say it. But somehow getting our resident typing monkey, Jederus, to specifically say the words “stop all trading” is, apparently, impossible. That (not) said, we do advise using extreme caution if you are doing any auction house trading at least until mail and AH issues are resolved (we’ll tell you the instant we change our stance on this). At a minimum, keep good records and perhaps even screen captures of any posted sales or purchases. This type of documentation will go a long way towards attaining satisfying resolution with Blizzard’s support staff should you incur an error or loss of items while utilizing the game’s AH or mail system.

2) Preferably, do all trading face-to-face to whatever extent that is possible. Scribes in particular will have a hard time resisting the urge to trade as glyphs are in such high demand given the implementation of dual-specs. Again, if you are going to trade during this period of instability, do it face-to-face and save yourself the AH headache.

3) Remember to complete your transmutes/smelting/or other crafting skills you have on cool down as soon as you can. With all the talk of 3.1, new features, and instability it is easy to overlook this essential component of your business.

4) Given the current reports of mailbox bugs, you may wish to empty your mailbox if possible. We are well aware that many players use the mailbox system as their ‘free additional bank slots’ but bear in mind that leaving items in your mailbox right now may result in lost revenue. If you MUST use your mailbox for storage, at least take everything out and re-mail it to an alt. Take screenshots prior to hitting send.

5) Finally, we are hearing many reports of Northrend specific crashes. To this we advise setting up your trading hub in a faction capitol city at least temporarily. This will prevent any business interruption in your face-to-face trades. We recommend that you DO NOT use Shattrath as your hub, despite theoretically higher stability (much lower player population in Outland) because it will be more cumbersome for potential customers to get to you in the event that Northrend goes down on your server.

And one small prediction:

We’re going to go on record and predict an emergency maintenance from Blizzard in the very near future. We think this maintenance will take longer than a simple restart as issues appear to be varied and widespread.

Is it 3.1.1 time yet?


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4 responses to “Five Tips for Protecting Your WoW Business From 3.1 Bugs

  1. Andrew

    I crafted 3 of the new Titansteel daggers, and mats were consumed for three, but I only ended up with 1 in my bags. I’m hoping the other two will magically appear later. Somebody said the same thing happened to him, and the items showed up five minutes later, so we’ll see.

    I’m also getting a weird bug with my find herbs radar in the mini map, where it seems to be always on, so I can detect herbs at the same time as Innkeepers, for example.

  2. Debrashavi

    Oh great. I put all my glyphs on the AH last night and went off to bed. :/

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