Some Realms Are Back Up, Most Still Offline

A limited number of realms are back although, despite what’s been reported elsewhere, most remain off line. We did log into two of the servers that are back up and can confirm that patch 3.1 was successfully implemented without any immediate visible bugs. So, here’s the current status report:

-The majority of servers remain down at this time.
-The servers that are up appear to have had patch 3.1 successfully applied.
-At the time of this post’s publication, there has not been an update yet on the WoW alert system regarding current server status.
-We have not yet observed any significant bugs or errors on the playable realms so…
-…The ice stone remains intact.

We can also assume that the remaining servers will be back up shortly. Further, it would be reasonable to expect some bugs, disconnects and possibly a significant amount of lag this evening during your play time.

We encourage you to visit our resources page for quick access to the server status site from WoW to check the status of your favorite server.


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