Start Downloading and Installing Patch 3.1 Now

Patch 3.1 has been released!

Because we are big believers that time is money, we would like to advise our readers to start downloading patch 3.1 right now. Most players can do so by simply attempting to launch the game at which point the download/install application from Blizzard will launch and start the process.

We are advising you to get the download and install process kicked off now so that once the servers are back up you can be the among first to benefit (and ideally profit) from the new content. Further, if history is any guide, the download process may be slower in the evening when the majority of the WoW player population is trying to access the game and patch servers. One additional concern is that there may be a return to a login queue for the next several days as dormant players return to the game attracted by the new features. However, if you already have your patch downloaded, installed and ready for play, you can be among the first people to log into your server and thus, avoid the queue.

If you are having difficulty downloading the new content patch you can try the following resources:

Blizzard Support Forums (US)
Blizzard Support Website
Blizzard Official Guidance on Improving Download Speed

If you are eager to know when the servers are back up you can find the status of the WoW servers by visiting their server status page. Alternatively, you can visit our resources page for the same link. This is particularly useful if the official WoW site is blocked from your work but WoWenomics is not. If you have the ‘mouse hover’ feature enabled you may be able to hover over the link on our resources page (or the one above) and, at glance, see the server status without a full visit to the Blizzard site.

In the next few hours we will be releasing several 3.1 informational guides to help our readers out. Be sure to check back regularly today for everything you need to know about the release of patch 3.1.



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2 responses to “Start Downloading and Installing Patch 3.1 Now

  1. Seleynna

    Sweet. Done and Done! Didn’t even take a long time. Good thing I read this every morning.

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