3.1 Auction House, Trading and Mail Issues Resolved

As promised in our alert post late last night, we are informing at this time that the issues affecting the auction house and in-game mail system appear to be resolved with the deployment of patch 3.1.

For your trading safety, we ran several tests on several servers to confirm that everything is working as expected. Testing conducted included:

We placed items in the auction houses of both factions, and then had other WoWenomics team members immediately purchase them. In 30 out of 30 total tests there were no unexpected delays in receiving our payments.

We crafted various blacksmithing, tailoring, and leatherworking items. All items were crafted with the correct ration of materials used to items crafted. No errors.

We performed several different types of enchantments: vellum enchants, trade window enchants, and self-enchants and, here again, the correct charges for materials were incurred and the expected results observed.

Transmutes, smelts and other cool down-based skills performed as expected and resulted in the regular activation of the cool down timer.

Finally, we mailed items and gold between toons and noted no issues or unexpected delays. Testing included mailing of items, gold, gold + items, empty (message only) and COD items. No errors reported.

We did notice, and are also receiving many alerts of, a few undocumented minor changes and observations related to patch 3.1 that were not reported elsewhere and will be posting these observations later today. We encourage you to check back in later if you’re curious as to our initial post-3.1 findings.

Here’s one interesting new option not otherwise documented that we noticed. And, just for fun, here’s our favorite bug from the patch so far. As we said, more to come later today here at WoWenomics.

One small note to our friends on the EU servers. As today is patch day for you, we anticipate that you may have some of the same issues that the US experienced yesterday post-patch. We advise you to do the same things we advised in yesterday’s alert post (with, perhaps, a bit less anxiety).

For everyone else, unless we find any new issues, at this point you are hereby cleared by WoWenomics to resume trading. Happy hunting folks!


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3 responses to “3.1 Auction House, Trading and Mail Issues Resolved

  1. Moo

    I crafted 3 Saronite Spellblades and only ended up receiving one. There was a weird burst of lag during crafting. I should probably file a ticket, but I am lazy and it is probably too late now. Ah well, 1500 gold down the drain.

    • jederus

      Hi Moo,

      Right off the bat I’d like to clarify that we’re pretty sure you don’t mean the Saronite Spellblade. We can’t fathom a server where the mats for even 10 of these blades would cost even close to 1,500 gold. You probably meant to refer to the Titansteel Spellblade, which would bring the cost of losing two of them more in-line with the figure you quoted.

      Most importantly, you should absolutely file a ticket. In fact, here’s how do do it on easy mode: simply copy the text you’ve written in your comment and then enter WoW. Press the ‘ticket button’ and when your curser is in the text box, press ctrl+’V’ (that’s the letter ‘v’ for clarity’s sake). You don’t even have to stay logged in or perform any other maintenance. Look at it this way, if you’ve already written the gold off, then it’s a gain of 1,500 gold for ten seconds of work.

      On a related note, this is the fourth report we’ve received of an issue with number of created crafted items not being the amount expected. It’s the second complaint specifically pertaining to this item. While we didn’t see this issue in any of our testing (and yes, we crafted several of the Titansteel Spellblades), we recommend you craft each item one at a time for the next few weeks. Craft the item, confirm success and then craft another should you wish.

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