Ghetto Hearthing Removed? Not Entirely

We’re big believers in efficiency and saving time whenever possible so we enjoyed being able to ghetto hearth pre-3.1. The mechanics of the ghetto hearth trick are explained thoroughly over at the hearthstone page on WoWWiki for those not a familiar with this form of WoW transportation.

With the release of patch 3.1, Blizzard implemented a new battleground feature that allows battleground participants to queue from anywhere in the world. The concept is simple: you click to bring up the PVP panel, select a battleground to join (or several), and queue. Should you decide to leave the battleground, you will be returned to the exact location from which you queued (and, ideally, not drop to your death). This was supposed to fix the ghetto hearth ‘exploit’ once and for all. As a consolation prize, the cooldown timer on the hearthstone was reduced from 60 to 30 minutes. Ghetto hearthing, as we knew it, was effectively killed by these changes. But not entirely…

Our testing has revealed that you can enter the Wintergrasp PVP zone at any time and select the ‘leave Wintergrasp’ option by right clicking the tiny PVP icon next to your mini-map, you will be transported to your hearthstone location regardless of the stone’s cooldown status. This even works during the times between battles so you can use this new form of ghetto hearth anytime you want. As it stands currently, to get to your stone’s location all you need to do is fly into any corner of Wintergrasp. Other battlegrounds still function in the new 3.1 fashion mentioned above. But, for now at least, you can still ghetto hearth from WG. Use this to your advantage by setting your stone to a convenient location and you will again be able to move around the world much faster.


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2 responses to “Ghetto Hearthing Removed? Not Entirely

  1. HP

    It is impossible to stop the ghetto hearthers!! DUN DUN DUN!

  2. svartalve

    Not new, you could also do this prior to 3.1.

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