Ongoing Connection and Stability Issues

UPDATE- Current Status as of 12:00 PM PST: Authentication server is up. Still some reports of instance issues, disconnects and server stability concerns.

We’re getting reports, and have at this point observed ourselves, three major types of WoW outages today.

Authentication Servers Down

In the past two hours or so, we are receiving multiple tips that Blizzard’s authentication server is down. Players are stuck at the initial log-in screen. Most complain of a hanging ‘Connecting’ or ‘Authenticating’ message upon entering account and password information. We fired up several accounts and can confirm this issue for all of them. At this point, Blizzard is claiming that the issue is on the user side, which sounds fairly dubious to us.

Instance Server Complaints

There are many additional concerns of instance servers crashing unexpectedly. Additional complaints of people being ‘unable to enter’ instance portals.

Resets and Stability Concerns

Widespread reports of server crashes, server boots, heavy lag, general stability issues and mustaches. We’ve been keeping a close eye today on the server status page and can confirm that there have been several ‘red downward arrows’ on various servers throughout the day.

Blizzard’s Response

No specific solutions or guidance from Blizzard yet.
The forums are alight with complaints poring in.
Server status page reports the vast majority of servers being functional (at the time of this post).
Blizzard has stated that “A login server has died.” This is not exactly descriptive or informative information in that the servers aren’t exactly organic.

What do we Suggest?

Our advice at this point is to not do any instancing (if you can even get into the game) in which a random disconnect might cause a violent reaction and damage to expensive PC equipment.

Apparently instability is rampant, and this is during off-peak hours. We expect that, unless Blizzard is now applying a fix of some sort, the evening hours will be much worse. We wonder if this outage is, perhaps, the emergency maintenance that we forecast late last night in our alert post.

We will continue to observe and report on these issues. Keep checking in with us throughout the day for regular updates.

And, in case we haven’t already asked, is it time for 3.1.1 yet?


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One response to “Ongoing Connection and Stability Issues

  1. Plastic Rat

    How do random disconnects cause damage to PC equipment?

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