Tips on Making Gold from Connection Issues and Content Distractions

“When Life Hands you Lemons…”

There is a huge gold-generating opportunity in the issues relating to connectivity caused by the 3.1 deployment. The lower population, server issues and connection problems are, of course, annoying if you’re trying to make gold or quest in ways your are used to doing it but they also give us additional opportunities to profit if you’re willing to adapt and think on your feet.

First and foremost, many of your competitors are not around. Take advantage of this and dominate your market. We’ve already told you the AH is up and running and fully functional. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to have limited competition.

Our resident enchanter wants us to point out that, according to her testing anyway, vellums with the new staff-exclusive +spell dam enchant are in extremely limited supply in her server’s AH and thus, are highly inflated in price. We took a look at some of the other new items and found several of the new tailoring PVP cloaks and a few more of the blacksmithing trainable items. But, we have to agree, there seems to be limited supply of the staff enchant vellums.

With more people playing through the new content we also see a lot less of the ‘casual traders’ posting in the AH meaning opportunities are ripe for taking over niche markets.

The other side of more people focused on content instead of profit is that there is a greater need for consumables. Runic mana and healing potions are both selling very well on all three of the servers we checked.

Now is probably a great time to hit some of the more popular farming areas. Go to your favorite location and loot in relative peace while everyone else is either having issues with login or focused on newer content.

One reader told us he’s making a pretty decent amount of gold just standing in the argent tournament area and offering ports on his mage either back to Dalaran or to other cities (never underestimate the power of the lazy to boost your bank account). He claims to have made a macro advertising ports to any location for 6 gold each.

As many players are still having issues with the patch, we’ve seen a whole bunch of investment opportunities in the AH. In some ways, it is similar to a late Monday night buying spree… since many players can’t get in or are otherwise too occupied to visit an auction house, there are lots of under priced items that normally wouldn’t be there. It’s a great time to be a bidder. This issue is exacerbated by the problems many are reportedly having with auctioneer.

So, go forth and make some gold (and lemonade if that’s what’s called for) and make the most of the situation, as a good trader should. We’ll be posting a comprehensive guide for post-3.1 opportunities within the next 24 hours. Be sure to check back in soon!



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