WoWenomics Site Updates- April 16, 2009

About Us Page Updated

We’ve updated the About Us page to answer some of the questions we’ve received about our service over the past few months.

Tip Line is Now Open

Another addition to the About Us page is our inclusion of the tip line. Many of our regular readers were already familiar with this e-mail address but we are now extending it to the general public and our newer readers. Please feel free to send us any tips, guidance, feedback, investment advice or anything else that you’d like to share.

Pending Link Removals

Sadly, some of our existing sidebar links and links on our Resources page no longer meet our quality standards (in most cases, this is due to inactivity). The quality standards are listed at the bottom of the page and were implemented to ensure that all of our resources are consistently free, fresh and relevant.

We provide this warning in advance for reasons of transparency, editorial standards and in to give the owners of these sites a chance to respond to use should they feel inclined to do so. The following are links that are pending removal within the next week:

MMO Auctioneer
The WoW Economist

A personal note on this last one, The WoW Economist: The prospect of removing this link greatly pains us. The WoW Economist is a stalwart in the WoW finance community and one of our favorite resources. We’ve attempted to contact the brilliant folks behind this fantastic resource previously to see if we could perhaps offers some assistance. Unfortunately, we have not received a response. If you’re out there John, we are long-time fans and would love to see you come back on-line. Let us know how we can help!

If you own, or know the owners of these sites, please ask them to update or contact us and explain why we should continue to include them.

Our Domain

We now own the domain. Visiting that site will simply redirect you to the WoWenomics site here at WordPress. We offer this additional method for reaching us as a convenience to our readers.

Currently Seeking…

We are currently seeking class guides and blogs for all classes and builds for inclusion as a soon-to-be-implemented addition to our Resources page. Did you know that the WoWenomics resources page is one of the most heavily trafficked areas of our site? If you would like your blog (or one of your favorite blogs) included send us a tip via the posted e-mail address. We’re big fans of supporting the ‘little guy’ so no blog is too big or too small- it’s the quality that matters most to us!

We are also seeking helpful non-US resources to build out our ‘WoW Outside of the US’ section. Please send any suggestions to the listed e-mail address listed on our About Us Page.

Please be sure that all suggested additions meet our quality standards posted on the bottom of our Resources page.

We constantly strive to improve WoWenomics for our readers. All of the above changes come as the result of feedback and suggestions. Thanks! Please continue to tell us of any changes you’d like to see. We can’t implement every suggestion but we can promise that every single one will be read and discussed by our team.


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