Hot Item of the Week- Injectors

The Runic Mana and Runic Health Injectors are staples of effective bag and inventory management. These items allow for the high-level regeneration potions that normally only stack in fives to stack in twenties. More importantly, and for our profitable purposes, they allow us to vastly overcharge for Runic Mana and Runic Healing potions. On every test server, since the injectors became available with the launch of WotLK, they are one of the few items that consistently sells for more than the cost of the required crafting reagents.

The reagents required to craft an injector are 20 of the relevant potion and 1 mana or health injector kit. Engineers craft both injector kits but unlike many engineering items, they do not require the profession to use. They are very cheap to make, requiring only 12 Saronite Bars and an additional either 2 Crystallized Water for the mana version or 2 Handful of Cobalt Bolts (approximately 2 Cobalt Bars) for the health version.

Tips for Profiting from Injectors

  • The main trick to profiting with these is to keep the cost of crafting an injector low. To do this, build up a reserve of Runic Mana Potions and Runic Healing Potions over time and do not to purchase them outright for crafting into an injector. Both health and mana potions are subject to significant swings in market price. Take advantage of these wide fluctuations in price by scanning for them regularly and scoop up the potions when they are under-valued. Even better, build a collection of them in your bank over time from random drops or from quest rewards and use those ‘free’ potions to craft the injectors.
  • Don’t overlook the value in selling the injector kits themselves. They are a fairly uncommon item to see on most auction houses and we frequently sell them for much more than they cost to craft when we list them. I guess people just don’t have any engineer friends or something. If you’re wondering how to price them and there are none on your server’s AH to use as a reference, try listing them as singles at the approximate cost of the materials to create all five of them. Yes, they often do sell for five times their value.
  • Be aware when purchasing these items that the injectors can be separated into stacks of varying size. We’ve seen a couple of shysters attempting to sell single items for the same price as the full stacks. Now we’re all for the concept of Caveat Emptor but we still feel it necessary to warn our readers. Of course, if you wanted to try this underhanded tactic yourselves well… who are we to say otherwise?
  • If you’re an aspiring engineer, consider using the injector kits to level when your skill is in the 410-420 range. This way you don’t have to waste your gold on items you may not have a use for or can’t resell.
  • Obviously, selling the injectors could prove to be a particularly lucrative niche market for potion master Alchemists.
  • You might also want to investigate the market for the TBC versions of the injectors as well. While not as versatile, they can still bring in a nice profit if there are a limited number of them available in the AH.

There are also injectors of both the yummy variety as well as the deadly but we have no experience with them.


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3 responses to “Hot Item of the Week- Injectors

  1. Jugi

    One quick thing you missed is that those are the mats to create 5 injectors, if you are/have an alchemist that make up these potions for you…. Pure Gold.

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