Hot Item of the Week- Frost Lotus

We already had this week’s Hot Item of the Week feature written. We were planning to post about another item entirely when, in just the past 48 hours, we began receiving tips from readers suggesting that the market for Frost Lotus has increased significantly. On these tips we asked the WoWenomics team members to take a look at the herb on their individual home servers and, sure enough, they confirmed these reports. We’re not the types to go on circumstantial evidence, however, so to the test servers we go.

Of four servers tested, both Horde and Alliance sides, every single instance of testing showed an increase of more than 50% in the going rate for this item. The average price increase across all 8 tests was an impressive 68%. The fact that all four servers on both team’s sides showed significant increase tells us that this is more than just a few people manipulating the market. We won’t attempt to explain why the price increase is occurring but it stands to reason that, as we initially predicted, flasks are in higher demand due to the new content and most players have already sold of their stocks of the Northrend Lotus.

What’s most interesting about our findings is that not only is there a significant increase in price for these items but just how fast that price increase has happened. You see, we’ve been keeping a close eye on the prices of all Northrend herbs since we made our initial 3.1 predictions. In fact, in our initial post on the state of the post-3.1 economy just a little more than a week ago we didn’t even bother with posting the specifics of Frost Lotus as the prices remained only marginally higher than pre-3.1. Yet, in just the past 48-72 hours, the prices spiked across the board.

Is it a fluke? That, we can’t say for sure. However, if you’ve got a bunch of Frost Lotus stashed away you might seriously want to consider selling them off now. If your server is showing no change in the price of Frost Lotus you might want to consider investing in them in anticipation of the trend hitting your server in the coming days.

It also stands to reason that if Frost Lotus prices are up recently, then the price of flasks shouldn’t be too far behind. We have already seen a small increase in the going rate of Northrend flasks but nothing like what we’re seeing with Frost Lotus. Perhaps the flask price hike is just around the corner? It might not be a bad idea to pick up any flasks that you can get inexpensively for repricing should the market shift. And, as a reminder, don’t forget to revise your flask bid/ask levels as appropriate. Further to this point, if you anticipate needing flasks for your own purposes in the next few weeks you may want to think about picking them up now while they’re still cheap.

It would seem, for the time being anyway, that the Northrend herb has finally turned the corner towards profitability.

Tips on Gathering Frost Lotus

  • WoWhead lists the drop rate for Frost Lotus as 5% for all Northrend Herbs but our experience is that it seems to have a higher propensity to drop from the higher-end herbs, Lichbloom and Icethorn.
  • Wintergrasp has a few spawns of Frost Lotus specific nodes. These nodes have a 100% drop rate for the lotus.


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5 responses to “Hot Item of the Week- Frost Lotus

  1. Ragen

    I have seen this lately on Kul Tiras-US

    The price a week ago for Frost Lotus was around 22g a lotus. Flasks were around 20g a pop.

    The flask market hasn’t been touched yet (around 20g) but Frost Lotus jumped to 33g a lotus.

  2. Doxxie

    Thank you for the warm welcome.

    Flasks on my server have reduced in price, they used to be on the AH for 50-90g, but now they are around 23-30g.

    I can’t really tell if the price for Frost Lotus has gone up or gone down since I don’t have an alchemist, and I generally buy my own flasks.

    But prior to 3.1 I’ve sold Frost Lotus for around 30-50g, and checking the AH now, they are around the same price.

  3. Hi –

    Also worth remembering to check the Darkmoon Faire vendors who regular stock these for only a few gold. Instaprofit!

  4. Rob

    On Dawnbringer, horde and alliance, flasks are way cheap now. I bought a few stacks for 17g. They are currently between 20 and 17g (horde/alliance). Not sure about the frost lotus. It would not surprise me at all to see the alchemists selling there stuff for much less than the cost to produce.

  5. steve

    The Frost Lotus has gone up in price due to the lower drop rate since the patch. The flasks will most certainly go up if the Lotus stays above 30g. The price increase for the Frost Lotus has nothing to do with the demand of the flasks.

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