Funny Money- 10 May 2009- Mother’s Day Edition

Funny Money is a weekly column published at the end of the week with the intent to have a little fun with the world of finance. Every weekend we’ll bring you a financial quote, a song relating to money, something interesting from the real world of business and a quick WoW gold making tip. Read on and have some fun…

This weekend we present our usual Funny Money column with a Mother’s Day slant. Have a great day moms around the world. You deserve it!

Money Quote

“Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in my field, since the payment is pure love.”
-Mildred B. Vermont

The Sounds of Prosperity

Stepfather Factory

Funny Business

Do you live in the deep south of the good ol’ US of A? Still need a Mother’s Day card? Why not have a custom card printed right onto one of mom’s favorite snacks?

Weekend Gold Tip

Mother Shahraz in the Black Temple drops quite a few nice level 70 crafting patterns that can still bring in a few gold if you can get the mats cheap enough. Perhaps this is why, upon aggro, she asks “So, business… or pleasure?”

Special note to the WoWenomics team members: I told you I could find a way to work moms AND business into all four items! That will be 100g each thank you very much!


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