Hot Item of the Week- Dream Shard

We really hesitate to recommend Dream Shard. Not because it hasn’t increased significantly in value recently (it has) but rather, we hate to even bring it up because of so much flak in the WoWenomic community surrounding the item.

From our own perspective, we first noticed an increase in the price of high-end enchantment materials a little over a month ago when we featured Abyss Crystals as our Hot Item of the Week. The high prices for the crystals we referred to in that post remain today on the three servers we do our regular testing on. Further, also in April, we reported our observations on the impact of patch 3.1 on the WoW economy. At that time we mentioned that our enchanted vellum business was picking up (you might also note that we featured vellums in a previous post as well).

Today we report that all the speculation on Dream Shards has finally come to fruition. As Tobold reported in his February post, until just a few weeks prior to patch 3.1 the shards were still selling on most servers for somewhere in the range of 10 gold. Post-3.1 we saw a small spike in price that we assumed would pass similar to the way many other items spiked in price and then dropped back to ‘normal’ value. However, Dream Shards, on all three of the servers we tested, have only continued to increase in value. Two weeks ago the average price across all three servers on both sides was approximately 22 gold. One week ago it was around 25. Today, as we ran our regular tests and gathered data, we couldn’t help but notice the price point for the going rate of Dream Shards is approximately 28 gold.

We don’t know if the price will be going up or down from here. We suspect, however, that if 28 gold is not the plateau, it is probably close to it so we are selling off our reserves at this time.



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8 responses to “Hot Item of the Week- Dream Shard

  1. William

    The real reason Dream Shard prices never really went up, even though Markco predicted so back in January was due to this single recipe:

    Before Blizzard finally “hotfixed” it on April 10, any Blacksmith+Enchanter (like my toon) could turn about 6g worth of mats into a dream shard, resulting in huge profit margins for the crafter. This meant that there was literally, an infinite supply of Dream Shards. Regardless of how high the demand for them, supply was always there to match it, and thus prices were stable.

    • Matthew

      I wonder if we aren’t seeing the same phenomena we experienced during BC with Large Prismatic Shards. As fewer and fewer people run 5-mans – the main venue for obtaining Dream Shards – the supply dries up and prices skyrocket. If so, we might expect to see an “Abyss Shatter” enchant in 3.2 or 3.3…

  2. Rob

    No way this is going to happen. In BC they didn’t give us all these really cheap 78 blue recipes. On my server, some of these are selling for below the cost of greens on AH. Naturally i scoop them up. The DS market can be profitable but its always going to be tied to the cost of these blues, and the fact that since nobody really wants these, they are just level up items that will produce a DS. If the mat costs go up, then i can see DS going up, but the mat costs should be in lock-step (and if it isn’t = profit)

  3. Cath

    Strange thing or big opportunity, but on my serwer shards cost 6g – 7g on AH (not an average, but you can buy dozens like that…). Perhaps some crazy undercutters…

  4. Rob

    Okay, i retract my comment; I forgot that the recipes were fairly expensive, ie 10 heavy borean leather + a eternal. So, easily 60g for one. However, teh blue market is always 20g or less for one, therein lies the opportunity. But yeah, you’ll never get rich making blues then DEing them.

    • Mat

      @ Rob :

      Wrong. You forget Bloodstone jade Pendants.

      Cost to make : 1 eternal, 1 bloodstone, 1 chaceldony and 2 suncrystals.

      Cost to make : Approx 9g to 10g.

      Now that the value of DShards are going way up, its time to go this way…

  5. Hi had a Dream Shard the other day, it went on AH and sold.

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