The Rise and Fall (and Fall and Fall) of Book of Glyph Mastery

Since our initial post regarding the Book of Glyph Mastery we’ve been tracking the item very closely. As we predicted in that post, this item experienced a price plummet that was both fast and sharp. As regular readers know, we are not fans of speculation or conjecture so we’ll let the data tell the story.

4 Week High: 5344 on Monday, April 20, 2009
4 Week Low: 237 on Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Book of Glyph Mastery 4 weeks

The above was the result of four weeks of testing the Book of Glyph Mastery. The testing format used was exactly the same as for our post-3.1 analysis as this test was part of the same cycle. The only exceptions being that there was no data collected for the week prior to the patch implementation since the item did not exist on live servers until the patch was released and we used a whole number format as opposed to including fractions in the assessment since the margins were insignificant in numbers this large.

One interesting side note: of all the tests we ran the price was higher for the book on the Alliance side than the Horde equivalent over 80% of the times it was checked. Not by a large amount mind you, but it was still higher than what the Horde was buying/selling it for. Make of that what you will…



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7 responses to “The Rise and Fall (and Fall and Fall) of Book of Glyph Mastery

  1. Grim

    I believe that means us alliance folk are richer. Huzzah!

  2. On my server it jumped up again. It was 100, now 300. Completely hectic. Since deflating on the long run, no one dares to flip it, so it’s just the function of luck: how many drops and how many scribes check AH.

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  4. Raaj

    I think I’ve purchased about 8 of these so far, starting the first few days at 800ish then dipping down to the 300g range. Since I was having bad luck with the more expensive purchases, I decided not to go forward with buying more until the price dropped.

    Unfortunately (and as expected), the glyphs learned only from books are mostly down to the price range of regular glyphs, so I won’t really be seeing a reasonable return on my investment until the books drop to about 100g on my server.

  5. Rerun

    Maybe it´s just me, or my Server, but it looks like the glyphmarket is also going toward it expected down.
    Most of the people got there glyphs vor 1. and 2. spec and the inscripter starting to dump 10-20 glyphs each, in to the AH barely above the material cost, partly even the new once. Trying to get back a piece of the gold, invested in to the overrated and overpriced books of the first days.

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