The Loot Council- Just the Stats Ma’am

The Loot Council is regular column highlighting interesting and informative posts from around the WoW finance blogosphere.

We’re big fans of statistics here at WoWenomics. As we’ve said many times, information is what drives smart investing. The best advisors are not the loudest ones but rather the best informed. Statistics are the most important part of this information exchange in that they allow us to look at data in a comparative format and, hopefully, identify trends. Of course, everyone interprets data differently and that’s where things start to get confusing.

  • Since today we’re talking stats we feel compelled to mention that we were blown away by the Wolfram Alpha tool. For statisticians, mathematicians and enthusiasts it is simply an amazing and ambitious project. The author of this tool gives a nice summary as to how it works as well. No, it is not WoW in nature… but it’s so much more.
  • There was an interesting post on popular money site 24/7 Wall Street referring to the recently released NPD statistics showing that video game sales have slowed significantly. In it, the author claims that slowing game sales = slowing consumer electronics sales and further alludes to a bearish outlook on the economy. Naturally, we take a different stance. As we stated early on, we feel strongly that video game companies should be looked at as sin stocks. Therefore, our take on the data is that poor video game sales = stronger economic outlook. In addition we feel uniquely qualified (since, unlike many finance pundits, we are also gamers) to say that there simply aren’t that many great games coming out right now (as is often the case in the summer season). Finally, the NPD still omits downloaded games and only counts retail box sales. Perhaps the system is outdated as opposed to the game industry failing? Of course, as we mentioned, when it comes to statistics lots of other pundits have their own opinions.
  • Gevlon says that his post on Milking Morons was statistically his most popular ever and we can see why. It is an excellent study on The Goblin Way and well worth a read. He later rewrote it but, frankly, we prefer the original version.
  • As with our post alerting that the rewards for Wintergrasp were being nerfed because it was too popular, several other blogs have also added their own voices to the discussion. Toblod, Troll Racials and PvD all have good write-ups on the subject and give some additional perspective beyond our own meager capabilities. Summary: making content less attractive because it was statistically too popular is a bad thing.
  • Just my Two Copper launched a fantastic new forum dedicated to WoW finance. Early membership statistics were promising. Give Markco a hand and stop by and support this handy new tool.
  • Speaking of lending a hand, apparently the real-world numbers are not looking good for Aspect of the Hare, one of our favorite WoW bloggers. If you can help out, please do. We’d hate to lose yet another valuable resource within the community.
  • Since we mentioned blogs shutting down we’d just like to give a quick shout out and bid a fond farewell to One Among Many. This long-standing WoW blog was a favorite and will be missed.
  • Finally, the fantastic Art of Solo-ing WoW blog released an amazing 2+ part series on gold making tips. The focus is on how to make 5k for epic flying but the author covers many of the ‘standard’ WoW gold making tricks. There is guaranteed to be at least one idea here you haven’t thought of. Give them a look.

As we sign off, here’s one interesting final fact: Old timers such as ourselves will probably recognize the title of this post as a play on an old Dragnet quote. But did you know that the “Just the facts…” line was never actually uttered on the show? Betcha didn’t know that did ya?

Note that the above blogs are not listed in any particular order outside of the way the team brainstormed them. Please let us know if there are any sites that you feel we should feature and we will do so in a future edition of The Loot Council.

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