WoWenomics Site Updates- Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We gave the WoWenomics site some much needed spring-cleaning this afternoon and made a few changes:

Links Updated
Our side bar links have been updated and broken into two succinct categories. The first, Other WoW Finance Blogs is fairly self-explanatory. Any and all WoW finance blogs that we come across will be listed here so long as they meet the standards outlined on our Resources page. The second category, Rotating Blog Roll, is used as sort of our featured sites of the moment. This list will change every couple of weeks and is primarily used to feature any non-finance sites that have added us to their own blog rolls or stand out to us for some other reason.

Resources Page Overhaul
We’ve also taken some time to update our popular resources page. As we mentioned earlier today, you can now find a comprehensive listing of all things WoW (and a few non-WoW as well). This page is constantly being updated so if you feel we overlooked anything just let us know. If you don’t see your blog listed it is not because we don’t like you but rather because we don’t know you. Give us a shout and introduce yourself and we’ll take a look and add you.

New Author at WoWenomics
With the summer comes vacation. There will be a few points this summer when the Resident Typing Monkey (me) won’t be around. In order to keep the WoWenomic news flowing, I’ve added one of our team members as an author to the site. Old Greedy Bastard is exactly what his name implies both in-game and out. He is a genuine WoW finance expert and a respected and well-established professional on Wall Street. OGB is one of my professional mentors although he’s known to be a bit rough around the edges. He likes everything, from whisky to trading documentation, neat and direct and has a reputation for not pulling punches. We’re hoping this post will prompt him to at least log in and say a few words but his professional life keeps him fairly busy so we won’t hold it against him if he doesn’t. At any rate, give him a warm welcome when he does eventually post dear WoWenomics readers and you’ll see he is a fountain of knowledge (although certainly no fountain of youth ;P )

We’re constantly striving to add new features based on your feedback here at WoWenomics. Keep the suggestions, ideas and feedback coming. Thanks!


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