Making Money with Mixtures

When patch 3.1 was introduced the four most popular end-game flasks were nerfed (or buffed depending on your point of view) to reduce the duration of the buff that a specific flask grants to one hour instead of two. In doing so, Blizzard introduced a mechanic wherein existing flasks were doubled in quantity to make up for the halved duration. This mechanic was called mixtures. There are four mixtures and each of them grants two of the equivalent flask upon usage. Using a mixture destroys it and replaces it with the flasks. There are still quite a few mixtures on the market. We presume that this is because they can reportedly drop in alchemist’s caches that are sometimes found by alchemists in Ulduar boss loot drops.

One of our team members reports advertising in /trade and purchasing these mixtures for reduced prices (i.e. less than twice the amount that the equivalent flask is selling for). He buys these mixtures when they’re cheap and sells them as flasks when the prices of the flasks are higher than half the price of the mixture.

Prior to posting this we checked the auction houses of four servers on both horde and alliance sides to gauge the prices of mixtures vs. equivalent flasks. Of the eight AH tests run, only three of them showed a reduced price for mixtures vs. the going rate of the equivalent flasks. Half of the eight tests showed prices roughly the same as the corresponding flasks and the final AH showed the mixtures to be higher priced. As these tests were hardly conclusive, it is difficult to say which one (flasks or mixtures) holds the better value long term. One thing for sure, if you find yourself in the market to purchase flasks, you’d be smart to search the equivalent mixture as well since you just might find a pretty sweet deal.

Here are just a few more details on mixtures:

  • Mixtures produce two of the equivalent flask while consuming the mixture itself.
  • We tested 40 various mixtures and can confirm that alchemy specializations have no effect on the number of flasks gained from the mixtures. Our elixir master reported exactly zero procs of free flaks in using them and, instead, ended up with exactly eighty of the expected flasks.
  • Anyone can use a mixture. You needn’t be an alchemist to turn a mixture into two flasks.
  • Mixtures reportedly drop as one of several items in an Alchemist’s Cache. Other than that, there is currently no other way to attain a mixture beyond the ones that were automatically created with the release of patch 3.1.
  • Mixtures stack in fives. Flasks stack in twenties.
  • You might consider looking in your guild bank for mixtures since the conversion happened automatically with the launch of patch 3.1. Our team member that buys these items said that when he asks sellers where they got the mixtures from, nine times out of ten they respond, “Just found them in our guild bank.”
  • If you want to scan the AH for all mixtures at once, simply type “Mixture of” in the search box. This will display all of the various mixtures in a single window. Be sure to compare the prices of equivalent flasks prior to investing to make sure you’re getting the best deal.
  • The four mixture types are:


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3 responses to “Making Money with Mixtures

  1. elleana

    Just for the record, they will occasionally be created out of Northrend Alchemy Research.

  2. Ket

    Im finding that on kael’thas horde side that the price of flask’s hasn’t gone down….. there still the same price as the old 2 hour one’s

  3. Seleynna

    Ahhh So that’s how they got into my bag. Nice

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