Hot Item of the Week- Glacial Bag

We are always interested in storage. Since effective inventory management is essential to many aspects of making gold in WoW, we are always looking for the best options to maximize our inventory vs. slot cost ratio. From the very moment that Glacial Bags, the 22-slot bag of WotLK, were introduced we’ve been watching prices pretty closely. Over the past few weeks the going rate of these bags seems to have hit a norm.

We tested 15 auction houses (6 Horde and 9 Alliance) at random intervals during the day for the past two weeks and found that the average going rate of glacial bags was exactly 683.1749 gold. The lowest listed price we found at any given time was 575 gold. The highest equivalent was 800. It should be noted, however, that this test was hardly as standardized and regulated as our normal testing methods since testing was accomplished at different times of the day in each instance and different servers were used to attain prices as opposed to using the same server for every Horde and Alliance measurement (hence the reason for the uneven number of servers tested). However, we feel that two weeks of daily testing in this format is still sufficient to produce a realistic price, even if that price is more anecdotal than scientific.

At any rate, the argument might effectively be made that as long as the price of a glacial bag is lower than 1,200 gold, it is a good deal. Of course, you don’t get a fancy achievement with the glacial bag but such is the cost of a bargain. And, as long as we’re talking reasonable price limits, it is worth mentioning that the bottom limit is the sum of the cost of the materials required to craft the bag.

And it is through examining the cost of materials that we find our value. While many of the servers tested continued to show the previously observed decline in prices of high-end cloth, the prices of the Glacial Bags remained stable. If you can cheaply attain the materials for one of the bags, and effectively find a willing tailor with the recipe to craft one, you stand to make a significant amount of gold on the trade.

Glacial Bags present a nice opportunity for profit because they mix several WoWenomic factors in a single item: A fairly uncommon recipe, declining materials cost, stability in price, a vendor sold item to offer as a standard price comparison and a high level of demand. Through this conflux of factors the glacial bag has earned a spot as this week’s Hot Item of the Week.

A Few Tips on the Glacial Bag:

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