The Most Profitable Gems, Enchants and Glyphs

One of the questions we get most often from readers is, “What is the most profitable gem/enchant/glyph?” It is impossible to give a definitive answer to this problem since it depends largely on how cheaply you as an individual can attain the materials and how efficiently (and at what price) you can sell the crafted enhancement. Thus, we don’t even attempt to answer this question since it is impossible to quantify. We can tell you what our enchanter says are his most profitable vellums (Boots- Icewalker, Chest- Super Stats and Cloak- Titanweave) or what our Jewelcrafter says are his best sellers (Runed Scarlet Ruby, Brilliant Autumn’s Glow and Solid Sky Saphire), but again, the variance in how cheaply you can attain the materials and how well these specific enhancements sell on your server (not to mention how much competition you have) is too wide to make a general judgment call for all crafters.

This is to say, that we can’t effectively figure out what will work best for you. Nor, can we suggest what is best to use as an enhancement overall. We can, however, determine what people think is best and is, thus, most popular. In determining what items are most in-demand to the general population, you can then make your own judgment calls as to what you should be selling based on how cheaply you can attain the materials vs. how much competition/how efficiently you can sell the crafted item.

So, how do we determine the most popular item enhancements for the majority of WoW players? To do that, we turn to our friends the armory data miners. There are many sites out there that will run scripts on the armory statistics pages and determine what builds are most popular or what achievements are the ‘hardest’ to get. As a side effect of this type of data collection, many sites also gather data on most popular gear and enchantments to that gear. In examining their data. we can then deduce what enhancements (and crafted gear) players prefer.

Our favorite armory data mining sites (for profitable crafting purposes) are:

Armory Musings
Armory Data Mining
Glyph Chic

Peruse their data and see if you can determine what the most popular crafted items and enhancements are.

A Few Things to be Aware of:

  • All data miners use a type of data collection called sampling. Many data collection and aggregate services (including our own WoWenomics financial reports) use this function to produce reports efficiently. Sampling, in short, allows for the collection of sample data from a larger general population that is then considered representative of the entire sampled population. This depends on many factors to work correctly, not the least of which is identification of a representative frame and a functional sampling method.
  • Data is only as good as it is current. Some of the data you unearth out there may be dated and will not account for recent changes to the game or the addition of new recipes.
  • As we understand it, the way the armory provides enchantment data is not by actually stating the specific enchantment, but rather, by listing the specific enhancement value. Thus, some of the data you find may have to be cross-referenced with a tool such as which will allow you to determine who is actually using what enchantment.
  • One, minor observation: It would seem to us that the most popular across-the-board enhancements are those with statistics that don’t favor any particular class or build. Things that grant benefits such as + all stats or + crit will, perhaps predictably, always be most popular with the general player base. The exceptions are + resilience enhancements which are, of course, only of interest to hardcore PVPers.


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6 responses to “The Most Profitable Gems, Enchants and Glyphs

  1. I have a problem with such data mining: it gives an average result and the average player in WoW is pretty dumb. For example the restoration druid glyph lists of Glyph Chic says the #3 is innervate glyph. I can’t imagine why would anyone need that, unless he has terrible spell rotation or green gear.

    So by watching such averages, we easily skip on the “flavor of the month”, that sells extremely high, exactly because lot of people buys them. Just because everyone already have glyph of X, I won’t sell a single one since they already have it. I sell the glyph they don’t have but want to have.

  2. Well Gevlon, Glyph of Innervate seems to be very popular my server (high population) and it’s been one of my best sellers, especially since it was changed recently.

  3. oldgreedybastard

    I think that’s really more the point. Not that such and such glyph is better or worse than any other but rather that the majority (even if they are dummies) are buying it. The post is more about what sells best than it is about what a given class or spec should use.

  4. zardoz

    I don’t believe the situation is as clear-cut as Gevlon paints it. Armoury mining sites such as the one I run do concentrate on averages – true. And it is not self-evident that the average choice is the best choice – also true.

    But the average is not formed randomly – it represents a consensus view that is created by player experience and reinforced by feedback loops through all the myriad of WoW-commentary sites here in cyberspace.

    What you see from the data is not a bunch of idiots making random choices but a large number of people making the same few choices. Alongside that is a long tail of oddball choices – true – but each oddball choice is made by a much smaller number of individuals. If all players were idiots, surely the distribution would be much more even as individuals made what would essentially be random choices?

    What surprises me is how tight the consensus range is in so many of the reports that I generate. This suggests to me that, even if the average player is theoryrafting-challenged, they are not operating in a vacuum and are at least able to find out and follow the majority opinions.

  5. Thanks for the links to GlyphChic and EpicEnchants!

    You are correct – the armory links show the enchant’s effect rather than the enchant itself. But fortunately it’s possible to match that back to the original enchant by looking at the gear type.

    For instance, +18 spirit can only be given to Boots with one enchant (Enchant Boots – Greater Spirit) and Bracers (Enchant Bracers – Major Spirit).

    My new site – does just that, and lists the most popular enchants, gems and gear (as well as talents and glyphs).

    And you are correct about there being little relation between the most profitable and the most popular enchant (or gem cut). In my experience it more depends on how hard it is to obtain the gem cut to obtain, and the mats needed.


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