The Loot Council- Two Sides to Every Coin

The Loot Council is regular column highlighting interesting and informative posts from around the WoW finance blogosphere.

  • There were a lot of interesting discussions that took place in the WoW blogosphere this week. For each interesting topic there were points and counterpoints. Here are a few highlights:
  • Our friends Tobold and Gevlon waged a war of opinion, as they are wont to do. This time, Tobold kicks things off with an interesting take on microtransactions on which the Greedy Goblin takes an equally intriguing, yet contradictory, point of view. In related news, Kill Ten Rats posted an interesting piece on the value of your entertainment time spent.
  • There was a good post over on Warcraft Econ outlining how to profit with vanity pets. All the basics are covered including setting up an alt for efficient movement of the pets and cross-faction selling. On the other side of the coin, Markco over at JMTC urges caution when dealing with Argent Tournament pets.
  • Speaking of Just My Two Copper, they also posted a poignant open letter to on their alleged unwritten policy of editorial censorship. Apparently, someone at was reading… they changed their minds and responded just a few days later by linking to a helpful mining route. Now if only we could convince them to show WoWenomics some love…
  • A fascinating debate is brewing in the WoW blogosphere. The subject? How to be a better WoW blogger. Really fantastic information out there from some of the best in the business. First we find the fierce but right-on-the-money 10 Reasons why your WoW Blog is Boring from Lassirra. On the opposite end of the spectrum comes this additional advice on successful WoW blogging from Leafshine. The folks at Destructive Reach say never mind all those silly rules and do your own thing. We tend to agree with our favorite female tank in thinking that the key to success is somewhere in the middle. Finally, if you’re blogging on the subject of WoW you should also check out a great post on successful management of RSS feeds over at Kestrel’s.
  • Of course, if all this debate knocks the wind out of you it may be time to take the sage advice of Relmstein and start planning for your virtual afterlife.

Note that the above blogs are not listed in any particular order outside of the way the team brainstormed them. Please let us know if there are any sites that you feel we should feature and we will do so in a future edition of The Loot Council.



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4 responses to “The Loot Council- Two Sides to Every Coin

  1. Re: Warcraft Econ’s post about vanity pets, I also covered this on my blog, I enclose a link –

  2. Thanks for the mention! Excellent digest article; very well done.

    Speaking of blogs, excellent choice of themes here. Chris Pearson, on the off chance you aren’t aware, is the developer/designer of the premium WordPress theme, Thesis, which I use at Kestrel’s Aerie.

    • jederus

      Hi Kestrel, thanks for stopping by. We are big fans of Mr. Pearson and his themes. He’s got a clean and bright design methodology that appeals to us.

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