Funny Money- 31 May 2009

Funny Money is a weekly column published at the end of the week with the intent to have a little fun with the world of finance. Every weekend we’ll bring you a financial quote, a song relating to money, something interesting from the real world of business and a quick WoW gold making tip. Read on and have some fun…

Money Quote

“Money will buy you a pretty good dog, but it won’t buy the wag of his tail.”
Henry Wheeler Shaw

The Sounds of Prosperity

Money Talks

Funny Business

We don’t know what’s funnier, the fact that many rappers now have to fake their ‘bling’ or the very notion that notoriously uncool WSJ reporters had to interview so many them for the article.

Weekend Gold Tip

Just getting started on your gold-making venture? Several sites just released gold-making tips aimed at people new to the concept of playing WoW profitably:

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