Funny Money- 7 June 2009

Funny Money is a weekly column published at the end of the week with the intent to have a little fun with the world of finance. Every weekend we’ll bring you a financial quote, a song relating to money, something interesting from the real world of business and a quick WoW gold making tip. Read on and have some fun…

Money Quote

“The herd instinct among forecasters makes sheep look like independent thinkers.”
Edgar R. Fiedler

The Sounds of Prosperity

Ocean Front Property
-George Strait

Funny Business

Being the economist at the party can often lead to some strange questions. We can’t imagine a more humorous topic for discussion over at the sedate and proper Financial Times than pornography.

Weekend Gold Tip

There’s something to be said about that herd instinct mentioned in the quote above. Always try to think outside of the box when looking for ways to make gold in WoW. There is plenty of opportunity in crafting popular low-level items, farming twink gear, producing quest items and selling otherwise outdated raw profession goods. Straying from the pack often gives you the opportunity to be a sole supplier in very specific markets, thereby allowing you to set prices of goods as for high as you can move them.



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4 responses to “Funny Money- 7 June 2009

  1. Rob

    Know your markets part 2.

    If you know certain reagents are an absolute requirement to get from one skill level to the next, corner that market!

    For example, thorium ore and the gems therein, sells for 60g a stack of ore, 15g or so per gem. It is conceivable that you could park a toon in winterspring, login every 4 hours, do a sweep, and make several hundred gold per day. Thorium is an absolute barrier for BS and JC. Cooking has another well known barrier (actually two). As you powerlevel a profession, figure out the barriers, then go back and corner the market on that item and charge appropriate amounts (or just farm up the item if it is cost effective).

  2. I wholeheartedly agree. It’s nice to find your own, unexploited niche… at least until others catch on to it but then you can just go and find yourself another one.

    • While you can make gold in a small niche, there is a reason why everyone is crowding specific areas – there is a lot of profit there.

      @Rob: Thorium is not really a *hidden* niche market – everyone knows about it, but others – yes they could be very profitable.

      @Darth: Why would you give up your niche so easily? If others try to get in, you need to make sure they don’t stay there for too long 🙂

  3. libby jordan

    uh on the death of wow. They have what 8 million subscribers, x 14 ish dollars a month.

    my calculator tells me that this is 112.000,000 a month, let just subtract 75% of that for taxes and overhead. that leaves like what a month, 29, 000,000. I may have the math wrong but in any case thats a ton of scratch!
    It’s more money than the gross national product of some countries. I think they will ride this gravy train until it falls in the dirt…Or sell it to someone who will… Libby of ner’zhul

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