Out of the Loop

While traveling over the past week or so I was away from WoW. I had hoped to have at least limited access to the game but, as it turned out, I didn’t even have access to a computer. Shocking, I know. At any rate, I returned late last night and logged in for just a bit to find that, while there were no sweeping changes to the WoW economy, I felt overwhelmed with the feeling of being out of the loop and uninformed. We’ve mentioned here before that information is the single greatest tool of both the WoW and the RL trader and this theory certainly proved itself true as I was hesitant to buy or sell in any significant quantity after being gone for just one week.

Luckily, the WoWenomics team provided their daily data updates to me via e-mail so there was no loss of information. Over the weekend I’ll crunch the numbers and review with the team and we should have an analysis post up early next week. I’ll also be taking a look around the blogosphere for items to highlight for the weekend Loot Council post so feel free to e-mail or post in the comments your suggestions of posts we should take a look at. Early next week we also hope to update the site a bit- rolling our blog roll over and updating the resources page. Be sure to let us know (if you haven’t already) of any sites that should be added to (or removed from) the resources page.

Also, thank you to everyone that e-mailed with concern as to our whereabouts. In hindsight, perhaps our last post was a bit fatalistic to start a vacation with but we assure you that no one from the WoWenomics team is leaving the game just yet. That said, there will be several more absences this summer as I, personally, have a lot going on. So, unless I can convince one of the other team members to do the posting for a short time (hint, hint!) there may be other WoWenomic outages during the warmer months.

So, for now, back to the game. I’ll be taking a closer look at the economy over the next day or so and familiarizing myself with any market movements. I can’t imagine how a longer break would have affected me. Has anyone out there ever taken a break and felt out of the loop upon return? I imagine I’ll deal with it by sticking to the markets I’m most familiar with over the next couple of days. How do you deal with missed play time? Any tips for getting back in the loop faster?



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8 responses to “Out of the Loop

  1. Frizzl

    Might be worth it to check out Titanium right now, the epic gem announcement has prices at 10-20x what it was going for last week. Suddenly I’m glad I kept all the titanium I bought to make Titansteel bars with in speculation for 3.1, the AH on both sides are bone dry with people begging for titanium in trade nonstop.

  2. Hagu

    By far and away the biggest market jump I have seen is titanium ore. The other blue gems are already pretty cheap but I expect scarlet rubys to drop pretty steadily.

    The biggest change to the game is the badge change: The question is how quickly do the BoE bracers drop in price? Once you can get Conquest badges from running Heroic Nexus, I suspect many of the “how can I earn enough for cold weather flying” people would much rather do that.

  3. Umm… like they said. Titanium Ore and Bars.

  4. Jugi

    With the upcoming changes to being about to prospect Titanium for the new epic gems in 3.2, titanium will continue to go through the roof

  5. Ewber

    Ya I know I’m beating a dead horse here but as soon as I read your post I thought of Titanium Ore.

    I’ve stockpiled about 40 stacks of it preparing for 3.2.

    Probably gonna check out the test realm for titanium ore prospecting rates as far as epic gems are concerned, and the price value of titanium ore vs alchemy transmutes for obtaining said gems…. unless someone who has already done so wants to enlighten me and save me the work of course..

  6. Ewber


    I think we know what the “Hot Item of the Week” will be..


  7. Zamboni

    I feel the same way. I left town for two weeks, no email, no phone, no web. Coming back yesterday to read the 3.2 announcements was overwhelming indeed.

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