What Would You Do if They Took Your WoW Away?

Hopefully not this.



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3 responses to “What Would You Do if They Took Your WoW Away?

  1. I call shenanigans on that vid. It’s just a little bit too OTT to be believable.

    And who the hell gives their mother their wow password and shows her how to cancel wow accounts…

    Still good for a laugh

  2. Omg I think I watch this video 100 times by now. I can’t get enough of it. This guys is freaking funny. Wakekekekeke, just wait until he find out about this video ^^

  3. Floggin

    I don’t entirely believe this is a real video. Rather, I seriously hope it was staged. If it wasn’t…then that mother did the right thing.

    Also, a mom/dad doesn’t need the password to cancel the account. A quick call to the bank putting a block on the charges would do the same thing.

    The sad thing though…I doubt this will be the last I ever see of this video. I’m bound to see some news article about how addictive MMO’s can be — and they’ll show this video. Overnight — MMO’s would be banned. 😛

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