Maximizing Exploration Profit

Although we’ve mentioned this sort of thing before it is worth mentioning again, given the goals of the current WoW world event, that there is significant profit to be made from traveling the zones of WoW. Many vendors around the world sell various items and recipes that can be resold for a hefty profit in your faction’s auction house. As you make your way through old world areas, be sure to stop by the vendors of each area and purchase the things that can be resold with a markup. Cooking recipes are particularly profitable these days as many more players are cooking than there were previously and a large amount of these players leveled cooking after they were already experience level cap and thus may have missed key purchasable recipes along the way.

A few key profitable vendors to watch out for are:

Don’t forget to, where possible, purchase multiple recipes or items and mail them to your AH alt for reselling over the long term. Don’t crash the market and post them all at once. Rather, extend your current business by slowly bleeding these into the market one or two at a time and reaping a nice profit over the long term. Making money this way is particularly attractive because the tricks above require no specific skills or professions and can be done as you travel along completing other quests or goals.

Bonus- Here are two handy BoE recipe guides:

Book of Warcraft
Blizzard Guides


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2 responses to “Maximizing Exploration Profit

  1. Rob

    A friend of mine did just this when leveling. He made it into a mini-game; getting into places where his toon was way over his head and grabbing rare recipes. He accumulated about 5000g by level 50 just doing things like this.

    However a few notes for you.

    1) The halaa DEing trick doesn’t work anymore; the vendor prices are now higher than the resulting mats (but check your AH to be sure).
    2) likewise the monthly gem packs are just worthless. You may be able to sell the green gems for 50s or a gold each, and the blues just a few gold. Not really worth it unless you are there anyway. (the blues are nearly worthless b/c the NR green gems give better stats, and the blue patterns are not needed to level up JC). Ditto for outland purple gems, they really aren’t worth much any more.

  2. I would also suggest that if you hit 77 with a character and you can afford the epic flying mount, why not explore every bit of Outland and Northrend for some easy XP? Or y0u could do this at 70 in Outland only.

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