Announcing Focus Week

Upon our return from vacation we  will be conducting one week of focused WoWenomic analysis.  This poll is your chance to vote on what sort of posts you are most interested in reading for the week.  During this time we will focus exclusively on the types of posts chosen by our readers.

Your choices are as follows:

  • Data and Analysis- detailed graphs and charts and studies of trends in the WoW economy
  • Gold Making Tips- tips and advice for building in-game wealth
  • Commentary- commentary and analysis of economic trends as pertains to WoW
  • Wall Street Stories- stories and discussion of life in the business world with some overlap in the WoW economy 

Cast your vote below and we will dedicate the week the the winning theme upon our return from vacation




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6 responses to “Announcing Focus Week

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  2. Twan

    Gold making tips is what I voted for. With the slump of summer we need to adjust what we are investing our gold/time in!

  3. I guess I’ll never get tired of more gold making tips.

  4. Ewber

    Commentary / Wall Street stories!

    Not gonna lie the “Finding your Trading Niche – June 1st” post was so interesting with the correlation to pork bellies and stuff that I had never even heard of I started to read that “All about Futures” pdf you guys linked and got sucked in for like an hour.

    It obviously says a lot about the quality of a post when i can remember a specific post and the things it linked like 6 weeks after I read it (I’ll admit I had to look through the archive for the correct date and title though).

    Gold making tips would probably draw the most readers though.
    I just don’t really need any so I didn’t vote for that =P

    Ewber – US Azgalor

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