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Funny Money- About That Love Life…

Using what was undoubtedly an advanced algorithm, The folks over at the Graph Jam site recently statistically calculated the reasons for issues with love interests that some internet users seem to be having. Ouch! That one hit a bit close to home!

The real humor is found in the 400+ (as of this writing) comments that read something like an old school version of barrens chat. Here’s the TL;DR summary:

Person one: “I am not a nerd.”
Person two: “Yes you are.”
Person one: “Here are examples of my RL success. Plus, you can ask my mom!”
Random person three: “Pallis are hot!”

Have a great week everyone!


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The Loot Council- August 30, 2009

The Loot Council is regular column highlighting interesting and informative posts from around the WoW finance blogosphere.

Note that the above blogs are not listed in any particular order outside of the way the team brainstormed them. Please let us know if there are any sites that you feel we should feature and we will do so in a future edition of The Loot Council.


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Focus Week Ends

We concluded our series of posts dedicated to gold making tips late last night and will return to our regular variety of posts next week. This weekend we will post our regular Loot Council and Funny Money Columns. If you enjoyed our focus on gold making tips we encourage you to take a look at some of our other gold making tip articles or otherwise peruse our archives.

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The Profit Potential of Powder

We’ve previously explained our reluctance to write about already hyped up WoWenomic trends but our resident Jewelcrafter has recently weighed in to point out that he is just killin’ it these days with Titanium Powder.

Titanium Powder is the residue remnants of prospecting Titanium Ore. Ten of these powders can be turned in to Tiffany Cartier, the Dalaran Jewelcrafting supplier, for a single Dalaran Jewelcrafter’s Token. These tokens are then used to purchase various items and recipes of value to Jewelcrafters. Most recently, four tokens can be turned in for an epic gem recipe introduced in patch 3.2. The fact that these recipes are still so new to the game and the source material, Titanium Ore, is so high in price, creates an elevated demand for Titanium Powder.

Pricing, Prospecting and Powder

Our associate informs that he is generating huge profits by purchasing any Titanium Ore that falls below his bid level and immediately prospecting it and selling the proceeds. He claims to receive approximately one stack of 10 powder per 30 ore prospected. A rate that is roughly in line with the listed results on All told, he claims profits in excess of 150 gold per stack of titanium that he purchases. Provided he can gather or purchase enough ore below his bid level, this allows for an unbelievable amount of income in a very short time so we asked for his specifics. And he provided…

Bid level on stack of 20 Titanium Ore: equal to or under 300 gold
Sell price for single Titanium Powder: approximately 50 gold
Sell price for stack of 10 Titanium Powder: approximately 475 gold

The Big Money

So if he gets a stack of 10 powder (which he sells for 475-500) from approximately 30 Titanium Ore (at a maximum cost of 450 gold) we are left questioning where these ridiculous profits are coming from as this is only 25 to 50 gold. Still nice for zero effort but where’s the big money? That’s when he dropped the bomb… Titanium Powder is only a small part of the prospecting results. In addition to the powder, he regularly gets at least one epic gem per 20 ore prospected as well as 3-4 rare gems and 4-5 uncommon gems. As he’s a Jewelcrafter by trade (and not just an ore destroyer) he also cuts any gems that he has cuts for prior to listing in the AH. He sets his ask level for these items as follows (based on market conditions):

Uncommon gems: 1-5 gold
Rare gems: 5-12 gold (up to 50 for Scarlet Rubies)
Epic gems: 130-160 gold
Cut Epics: 190-380 gold

Let’s take the most modest of all those numbers (price and prospecting results): Assuming only 3 rare gems (and no rubies), 4 uncommon gems and a single epic per stack (not even counting cut epic gems) of titanium ore, all priced at the bottom of the chart above, we’re talking about an additional 148 gold. But wait, that math only accounts for a single stack of Titanium Ore but our previous numbers to reach 10 powder were based on prospecting 30 ore. This brings the total gem proceeds up to 222 gold. That’s 222 gold on top of the already 25-50 he’s bringing in from the powder (since we paid for the ore with our powder in this equation). Hot damn… those are some nice numbers.

Overall Strategy Tips

There are a few tips to making this strategy work for you.

  • We advise only selling the powder in stacks of ten or singles. The ten stacks are the perfect amount for someone just trying to get an additional token quickly and the singles are the perfect increment for players that just need a few more powders for their next token.
  • Don’t flood the AH with the dust or gems. Doing so will only cause the prices to drop faster.
  • Speaking of which, this is a “limited time only” strategy. Eventually the prices of powder and epic gems will deflate or the market will otherwise normalize. Act now if you intend to cash in.
  • Just like a drug (or junk bond) dealer, never get high from your own supply. Be patient and get your own tokens from the daily quest system. Don’t use your own powder for tokens since it sells for so much right now. Later, as prices of powder go down, you can use it in this fashion.
  • Have patience; sometimes the powder or gems won’t sell during a posting cycle. Other times it will all sell out, at any price. People get desperate or greedy but it can be cyclic. Play the long game.
  • Don’t try this on a single stack and expect exactly the same results. Our Jewelcrafting expert actually came up with these numbers based on spreadsheets that he uses to record his results and profits. Yes, he’s *that guy*. Anyway, he prospects hundreds of ore daily and the numbers he shared are based on his averages. In short, YMMV.
  • This strategy assumes an understanding of, and strict adherence to, a solid bid/ask strategy the development of which requires some amount of common sense. We make no assumptions about the common sense level of the average WoW player. Consider this a disclaimer.
  • The prices on your server may differ from those described above but the ratios and relative values are probably similar. Thus, use the above as a guideline but not exact price points. Do some homework and develop your own bid ask levels that work for your unique profit goals.

The Only Downside

Our Jewelcrafter asked me not to post the exact details under threat of incineration. His fear, and reasonably so, is that if this strategy becomes too popular then prices will drop faster and it won’t work any longer. I was actually hesitant to post this because he was pretty clear about his mortal threat to me but then I remembered that he plays a mage so I just LOL’d and posted it anyway. Of course, this assumes he was talking about in-game death. Perhaps I should have clarified…


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Selecting Optimal Quest Rewards

Most quests in WoW offer some form of physical reward in addition to the gold or XP gained from the quest’s completion. Following the steps outlined in this short guide will help make certain that you pick the best rewards for your needs.

Items You Intend to Equip

If the item is something you intend to use the choice should be fairly easy. You’ll want to remember that items equipped while leveling are transient in nature meaning that just because an item seems useful now that doesn’t mean it will continue to be for very long. As most quests are completed at or near the recommended quest level, the items rewarded for quest completion are often even more prone to becoming obsolete than a crafted item or BoE drop that you might purchase from the auction house.

The other concern when selecting a quest reward for usage is that you might find it helpful to select items that address whatever issues you may be having. If you’re having a hard time with survivability, for example, select items with stamina. If mana regen is your issue, choose something with MP5 or spirit. Don’t simply go for the items that seem to suit your class or build. Remember, leveling and end game are different modes of play and benefit from differing approaches.

The final consideration is that, in the rare occasion when all things seem equal, you might want to choose the item with the highest item level. For almost all quests the item levels of the rewards are the same but there are a few instances when this is not the case. Patch 3.2 allowed the viewing of the item level but the feature needs to be enabled by the player. To enable item level viewing go to the options screen, select ‘interface’, ‘display’ and then check the box labeled “show item level”.

Items for Sale to a Vendor

When selecting items to be sold to a vendor you obviously want to pick the item that will sell for the most money. Until very recently, you would have to rely on one of several add-ons or mods to view the vendor price. As of patch 3.2 however, you can see the amount for which every item will sell. The conventional wisdom holds true in that higher DPS weapons sell for more and armor value is a good indicator of vendor price for armor. Just remember to make note of this feature while questing as a lot of old school WoWers are likely to revert to the old guessing game before even noticing this recently added feature.

A final thing to bear in mind is that it is almost never worth buying a BoE drop item from another player while leveling. As stated above, if you’re actively playing the game the item will be outdated soon enough as you progress through the game. The exceptions to this rule of thumb are trinkets that do tricks like regen health or mana or increase a certain stat (as these items can be quite unique even in the end-game), weapons (which seem to stay relevant for longer), off-hand items (good ones are harder to come by) and items in the ranged slot (librams, etc.).


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Fast Frenzyheart Farming

Sometimes you just want to kill stuff.  We understand.  For all the in-depth auction house trading strategy, WoWenomic theory and complex profession manipulation there are times when you just feel like crushing some skulls.  The Fast Frenzyheart Farming method is a simple remedy for this feeling with the added benefit of being efficient and profitable.


  • Allied with The Oracles.  Sorry, Frenzyheart Tribe allied players cannot do this trick.
  • Ability to withstand or escape 5 to 10 thousand incoming points of damage.


In the semi-random rotation of Oracle daily quests within Sholazar Basin there is a quest that requires you to kill 50 of the Frenzyheart attackers and provides you with a few crystals to assist in making this happen.  The quest, Mastery of the Crystals, involves picking up the crystals and using the magic they hold to quickly kill off the Frenzyheart Ravagers in the opposing camp.  You don’t need the crystals to kill them but their use will very much speed up the process.  If you do use the crystals to do the deed, however, the bodies of the mobs cannot be looted.  But if you tap each mob, even doing as little as a single point of damage to it, you can get the kill credit and the resulting lootable corpse.

Our favorite way to do this is to get the largest possible group of mobs together at once, pop all three crystals and then use any kind of AoE ability to hit the mobs before they die.  This usually kills about 30 mobs in a single attempt if you choose the right location.  That perfect location is the Sholazar coordinates of 22, 79 (or the circle of Frenzyheart Ravagers) just Northwest of the camp in the Southern corner of the map.  The mobs at this location are already grouped, relatively low in health, respawn in under two minutes and drop enough loot to make this venture both fun and profitable.  After an hour or so of killing these mobs in this fashion we usually have a full stack of healing potions, about 10 mana potions, almost a full bag of scrolls and about 100 gold.

 The quest does not have to be turned in after hitting the requirement so just keep killing and looting until your bags are full.  Provided you always tap the mobs, and can survive their concentrated aggro, it is easy money.  One of our team members actually pointed this trick out to us in a recent discussion about alchemy.  He said that he never buys healing potions from other players.  He simply keeps this quest in his log and the crystals in the bank and kills these guys for a few hours whenever he needs to stock up.

If you’re unable to hit all the targets because your class has no form of AoE remember that anything will do here.  Exploding corpses or pets, damage causing auras or our personal favorite AoE hack will work as well.  Just be sure to bandage up and loot the corpses before they respawn as the timer is quite short.  Of course, it is this short respawn time that makes this method of farming so profitable.

Go forth and farm (and vent some frustration on the dog men).

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Funny Money- The Blizzcon 2009 Costumes

With Blizzcon wrapped up it is time to take a look back at our favorite part of the whole thing, the costumes. The best part of these photos, in our humble opinion, are the ones where you can see the crowd in the background. The hot chicks dressed like Night Elves are impressive, yes, but the guys in the background looking like that’s the closest they’ve ever been to a real, live woman in skimpy clothing are simply priceless.

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