The Loot Council- August 15, 2009

The Loot Council is regular column highlighting interesting and informative posts from around the WoW finance blogosphere.

Here are a few of our favorite items from the past few weeks:

  • First off, a big congrats to Warcraft Econ for hitting a nice milestone.
  • And a related congrats to Glinda for becoming certifiably insane.
  • We enjoyed these 10 questions posed by Zekta regarding our WoW gold gathering habits.
  • Just My Two Copper released a handy and timely meta-guide to farming the various Eternals.
  • We really enjoyed this piece on gold and economies by the folks at Dominate Your Server. It touches on aspects of inflation, something Tobold recently did a fairly good job of explaining as well.
  • The WoW Alone blog does a fine job of bringing attention to an overlooked sword and mace that can both be bought and resold profitably. We’ll be adding those items to our AH scans for sure.
  • And, finally, the big one… MMO-Champion released the presumed details about the next expansion (Spoiler Alert!)

Note that the above blogs are not listed in any particular order outside of the way the team brainstormed them. Please let us know if there are any sites that you feel we should feature and we will do so in a future edition of The Loot Council.

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One response to “The Loot Council- August 15, 2009

  1. Wall

    I, for one, will believe nothing about the new expansion until Blizzard makes an official statement.

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